Thursday, 20 August 2015

My DressYourFace London Seminar Experience

Previously when Tamanna Roashan came to London she had trouble with the British immigration officers and was separated from her husband, and detained for five hours plus. Tamanna Roashan was told she had to leave the country immediately and she could not do her show. When Tamanna Roashan got back to the US she began organising her paperwork, and visa. Tamanna Roashan planned to return to London in about two months' time.

I got on an aeroplane and went to attend the DressYourFace (Tamanna Roashan) seminar. I got to the venue early and there were girls that had already started to queue up. We lined up to get signed in then after some time we started to go into the hall. The venue was the Radisson Blu Edwardian, Heathrow hotel and it was BEAUTIFUL! We all sat in our seats and got some cupcakes and waited for Tamanna. Then Tamanna Roashan came up on the big projector screen and she told us all that she had hoped that she would be attending however when the offices closed in New York a day before she then realised, that unfortunately she would not be able to make it (Tamanna did not get her visa). In the UK it was our night time and people had already started to travel to the event. Instead of sending an email that the show would be cancelled, Tamanna Roashan delivered as best as she could and did not let anyone leave the room empty handed. Basically Tamanna Roashan herself, gave us the sad news on the big screen that she was not going to be able to make it. HOWEVER the show will still be going on and Tamanna Roashan was going to teach us everything, but not in person. Tamanna Roashan gave people two options A) If people wanted to leave they could and would get a full refund and B) People could stay, watch her live, still ask her questions live, hear her answers, and get a certificate. Tamanna Roashan would be doing what she would have done in real life but on the big screens. Linda Steph and Sannafrom @lookamillion were her assistants and would be watching over everyone. 
They helped soo many people and shared what they knew and they made sure everyone understood the steps. The people who left most of them came to see Tamanna Roashan, and they wanted to speak to her, be with her and I hope they get to see her one day. BUT those people who were cursing, and who have made hate pages towards her - that is NOT the way to go about things. Yes, people are angry about things and that is totally understandable but some people are taking it too far by socially attacking Tamanna Roashan.

I stayed for the amazing experience, the room was filled with a great vibe and I gained soo much out of it. Tamanna Roashan announced at the end that she would be refunding EVERYONE. Tamanna Roashan is such a humble, honest and inspiring person. Tamanna Roashan could have cancelled everything and wasted time & money of her students but instead she put on a show that we all gained something from. Tamanna is a giver and she's always giving to others but in this situation she gave more than you can imagine. So thank you Tamanna! Thank you for caring and thinking about us and for putting on a great show.

Overall I had an amazing time and I learnt everything from Tamanna Roashan! I met the amazing Linda and Sanna both very humble and kind people. Khadijah Kadwani who was beyond amazing with the way she dealt with everything and everyone, not forgetting she was a great host and put life into the room again. I also got to meet new people and make new friends. I loved my experience that was held at a beautiful venue, the cupcakes were delicious, the webinar was on point showing every detail, the goody bags were amazing, and not forgetting I'm DYF certified and to everyone else who helped put together a great show THANK YOU for an unforgettable experience. 

 So that was my experience of the DressYourFace London Seminar 2015. 
Have you ever been to one of the DressYourFace Seminar's? 
If so, what was your experience like? 



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