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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Charity is not all about giving money. It can be a simple smile.


So in my last post I wrote about 'Does charity really begin at home for you?' where I basically talked about people helping everyone but not those around them. In this post I wanted to talk about helping everyone and not choosing to help
only those who you want to. Now charity doesn't always mean that you have to give money, it can be a simple smile

Believe it or not but a simple smile can help a person out. Smiling at someone can turn their day better. With a simple please and thank you can lift someone's mood up. Just talking to someone might turn their day around. Just talking nicely might make someone happy. Help someone out when they don't have 5p or a £1. Open the door for someone. Put your rubbish in the bin and don't throw it on the road. Help an elder person cross the road. Help your parents out. If you're tall then help someone by getting what they want from the higher shelf. Tell someone how your life has changed with them in your life. Compliment someone.  
JUST BE NICE! It doesn't cost you anything, so why not do it?

I go into shops and see people talk to sales assistants like rubbish! I actually feel bad for them so when I go ANYWHERE I always smile and talk nicely. Its simple manners. Some sale assistants might talk to you badly but you don't know what's happening in their life and vice versa so just try to smile and be nice. It doesn't cost anything to be nice. 

Keep your mean opinions to yourself. Try to do something nice for others, it can be something small and simple but can make a massive difference to others. I assure you that you will feel much better and happier inside. 



  1. great post, rose!! I definitely think a smile or a compliment can make someones day - it has definitely made mine before!


    1. Thank you Lee & I'm glad you could relate to the post :D

  2. This is a great post! I totally agree. :) The world would be a better place! Have a wonderful day!

    xo, Bry


    1. Thank you Bry, I'm glad you agree with me :) xxx


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