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Confidence After An Accident feat. Megan McCoig

This post is different because I got an email from Megan who blogs over at LifeWithMCM (her blog is amazing! Make sure you check it out) asking if we could do a guest post for one another. I suggested that instead of writing the usual guest post that you normally would, we could do an interview on a certain topic for one other. Then Megan came up with an amazing idea of doing questions related to Confidence as both of our blogs target or relate to positivity, in one way or another.
Megan in her own words said "Your tagline 'Bringing Out Your Inner Beauty' is what fused this thought actually!" So from then, both of us have worked hard to come up with something you can all relate to or learn from!

 I asked Megan questions about her accident, how to think more positive, how she overcame her accident, and how Megan managed to become more confident. 
Megan asked me questions relating to feeling beautiful in your own skin (I think I got very deep with some questions so make sure you check that interview out over by clicking here

I want to say a massive THANK YOU to Megan because I enjoyed answering her questions and it's really different to answer questions for someone else, when I'm the one normally asking them! Make sure you check all of Megan's links out and go show her some love <3!

Let's begin...
1. Can you explain a little about yourself please?
I’m a 19 year old student studying Media and Cultural studies in London. I enjoy being creative in my work, which is why I started a blog (Life With MCM). When it comes to creativity, I like to write, design and edit and to do so, and then share it feels great. 

2. What made you start blogging?
I find myself being inspired by a lot of successful bloggers, and also spend a lot of my spare reading posts. After a while I thought it would be a great idea to start a blog of my own, to share what I love and keeps me inspired. I really love and enjoy writing, I find it quite therapeutic and I’m glad I started.
3. What does confidence mean to you?
Confidence to me is being confident on the inside. By this I mean feeling confident is what helps guide you through life, and also encourages you to do better. I’ve felt and seen that being confident on the outside can make you feel worse on the inside, and make days become harder than they should be. I’m still not totally confident on the inside, but I’m getting there by surrounding myself with positive people and influences.

4. I read in your ‘the liebster award’ blog post that you were involved in a car accident, and you weren’t able to walk due to multiple casts and boots for about a year. I can imagine that must have been extremely hard for you. You are very inspiring, and courageous and I’m glad you are doing well now, but did that have an impact on your confidence?
Yes it did massively. At first, confidence levels dropped because of what I looked like hobbling around for ages and ages. Then it took a toll on my emotions, in that I was drained and tired a lot of the time, and it made me feel very insecure.  

5. What made you get through the hard time?
Support was what helped me through it. The whole process was really tiring, but I still kept going after people would help with things I couldn’t do. I built my confidence back by not caring what people thought to me, and kind of pulled myself through it alone at times when I felt I needed to push myself.

6. How were you able to create positive thoughts?
By knowing that it wasn’t going to last forever. That’s how I get a lot of positive thoughts, and also helps to clear my mind – if you’re struggling with anything I tell myself that at some point soon I won’t be in this position, and this helps me to move on and get on with it.

7. Did you have people to support you? And did it help you overcome all your insecurities that you may have had?
Yes, I definitely had many people round me that included family and friends that helped me. Even small things like trying to get down the stairs and putting on a coat everyone was so thoughtful and helped me. As people helped me I did feel a lot more secure, and it most definitely helped me overcome by low confident levels quicker. 

8. Was there a time in your life were you were not confident? What caused it? And how did you overcome it?
There was a time, and of course it was during school, where many people go through things that strain their confidence. As per, people pick on certain people to make them feel low. But it was mainly my mum who told me not listen, and when I didn’t the things said never bothered me from that day forward. 

9. Has anyone ever helped to boost your confidence? Were there compliments you got that helped you? Or did you have people to help you raise your confidence?
I get a boost of confidence when people appreciate my work. As small as that may seem, when I’ve put a lot of time into projects, essays and even blog posts, I feel great after getting positive feedback. It always makes me more motivated and want to do more. Giving time to people who want feedback really helps them become more confident in what they’re doing, I massively believe that.

10. What would you say to someone who wants to build up their self-esteem?
I would say to them, ‘set aside perfection and work on accomplishments’. I find that achieving realistic goals is a more secure way of building motivation and self esteem, it’s not good to set yourself impossible goals that are way out of reach.

11. What helps you to think and stay positive?
Just being yourself, and not letting the internet get to you helps so much. Reading and seeing things online can impacting hugely on positivity and make you feel down, which then leads to your mind running all day long. Be the better version of yourself, and give yourself space when you need to.

12. What advice would you give someone about how to feel, and act more confident?
It always boils down to knowing what they want. So I would ask what goals they want to achieve, or what they need, and then work from there to help them get to where they want/need to be. It’s great to take time to do things for yourself and not others, and working on confidence can take time, but it will come to you. Being confident is a lot better than just acting, so it’s worth waiting for the time when you feel it.

13. How do you feel confident? And what helps you to stay positive about negative comments or thoughts?
I wouldn’t class my self as outright confident, I have just slowly become more confident in myself. Also, stop comparing yourself to others – a common but great tip for confidence levels.

14. If you could say something to someone who is insecure what advice would you like to give them?
I would like to tell them how I’ve previously overcome any insecurities I’ve had, and to see if they want to deal with it in the same way. I would give them advice that I have been given.

15. Is there anything else you would like to add?
Be yourself, and the better version of you. Confidence is a massive issue, and not many of us are confident on the inside, but show we are on the outside. Get advice when you need to, and never ever be afraid to ask for it!


Thank you once again Megan for all of your amazing answers! You are soo brave talking about your accident because I know it must be very hard.  I'm really glad you have recovered now.
Make sure you go support Megan and show her all of your love!

My question for you all is what helps you feel confident? And how do you overcome any insecurities you may have?
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  1. This is such an interesting and inspiring post!!Xxx

  2. Was such a pleasure getting to know more about you and interviewing you :) such a lovely experience!

    Megan Xx

    1. Thank you Megan! Hope to collaborate sometime again :)

  3. I love your post :)
    Xoxo Blue Ducklings

  4. Great interview love question 11 and 12.

    1. I couldn't agree more! Megan is amazing :)

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  6. Having confidence is essential for happiness and success. Glad to hear she overcame her injury and kept confident through the process!

    xx Yasmin

    1. I couldn't agree more! Megan is inspirational :)!

  7. 'stop comparing yourself to others'
    This is the major NO we are all doing that make us lose confidence in ourselves. I loved Megan's interview!

    1. I couldn't agree more! Megan is a champ :)

  8. That was such an awesome post loved reading it. You are so pretty .
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    1. Aww, thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed reading this :)

  9. Such a wonderful interview. So nice of Megan to share her thoughts and great advice on confidence.


  10. I just love that you two collaborated, again positivity, confidence, inner beauty are all things I just LOVE to focus on.

    Isn’t it crazy how we all experience the exact same emotions despite leading such different lives. Not feeling confident and being insecure is something I feel like we all struggle with time to time. I love what Megan quoted about setting aside perfection and working on accomplishments - so, so true.

    Both of you asked each other the best questions, definitely two of my favourite posts! <3


    1. Thank you Raashi! So happy you enjoyed this post. I know right? We all go through different experiences which make us who we are. xo


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