Tuesday, 29 December 2015

6 valuable life lessons I learned in 2015

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the sunrise.

As there are only a few days left of 2015 I really wanted to write a post telling you my top six valuable life lessons I learned in 2015. I hope you all learn something from this and make sure you leave a comment below letting me know what the most valuable lesson you learned in 2015.

Not everyone is like you.
 Don’t be fooled when you think others will act the same way towards you as you do for them. People will use you, fool you and try to get what they want. You have to be smart in this world but never forget your morals or teachings that you were brought up with. In life you will get hurt because of your kindness but that should never stop you from being kind. Always be kind to others but realise the difference between taken advantage of and being kind. 

 Always be kind.
Never lose your kindness. If people do wrong towards you, never be unkind to others because of it. Always be kind because light will always be more powerful than darkness. Always be kind to others because you never know- you could change someone’s life or opinion by the way you act towards them. Always spread that positivity and happiness with the world. 

Live for yourself and not for someone else.
The most important lesson that everyone should be taught is live for yourself. Do the things you love, be who you want to be and love life. When you start doing things for yourself you’ll start to enjoy life more so keep on living for yourself. Try new things, take new risks and keep trying to do new things. Always live life for yourself because at the end of the day you’re living to please yourself not others. 

Never stop learning. 
Keep on learning, never stop. I adore people who never stop learning and keep learning new things throughout their life. My grandmother is a prime example of this. To this day still my grandmother still keeps on learning new things. This is a quality that I am trying to adapt and hope I can forever carry this quality with me because it’s beautiful. Learning can come in different types of ways and when you start learning new things it’s very refreshing. 

Positivity is key.
 Always be positive. If you can’t find anything positive then start to make things up. Being positive is very crucial in the world we live in. Positivity is everything. Thinking positive about others and doing good things is very important. Being positive on the inside just makes you happier because you're reducing any negativity within yourself. 

 A moment of pain is worth a lifetime of glory.
 I watched the film ‘unbroken’ (based on a true story) and this quote managed to stick in my head because it relates to everyone’s life in one way or another. If you are going through a moment of pain in any way then that pain might be better to bear right now, and enjoy the rest of your life without that pain. Sometimes that little amount of pain can outweigh the pain it could cause for you in the future. . Rather than causing yourself more pain in the future or coming years just smile and get through it because it will be worth all the pain in the end. It’s much easier said than done but it’s possible. 

 Remember to leave a comment below letting me know what the most valuable lesson you learned in 2015. 
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  1. This is spot on! I can completely relate to 'Live for yourself, not for someone else' - sometimes it's hard to just focus on how you want to be, not what everyone else wants or expects from you.

    Alice ❤️

    1. Thank you for leaving such a lovely comment and I couldn't agree more xx

  2. These are such wonderful points Rose and I completely agree with them. Living for yourself is important as you are the only one that can make yourself happy and whole. Also being kind and polite is a trait we don't see enough of.

    What I've learnt in 2015 is to follow your dream and just start on the things you want to do as life is short!
    Hanh x

    1. Thank you beautiful. I couldn't agree more that life is extremely short. xx

  3. These are brilliant lessons. I learned last year that my personal happiness and mental state should be (and is) the most important thing to me.

    Jemima x

    1. Good on you hun!! Nothing else should come in between that xx

  4. These are so lovely! I love 'Be Kind' its so easy to forget that, especially when we live so much of our lives online! Lucy, aspectatorsport.com xx

    1. It's often forgotten online because we're not face-to-face with the other person so it's easier to make remarks. xx

  5. Love this post! It would be something I would stick on my wall to remind myself of everyday when I wake up. It's so accurate this is what I think 2015 taught me too. Absolutely love 'live for yourself and not for someone else' it's so easy to get drawn in to trying to please other people that you start to forget about what you want. I've defo had to catch myself when I noticed I was feeling less and less like I was doing what made me happy. Need to save this post :) x

    Juanita xx www.ldngirl.co.uk

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment hun. I hope you keep living a life worth living. xx

  6. Ramsha, this is why I love your blog. It always gives me such "Practice what you preach" reminders - because I am a BIG believer in being kind, being positive and being open to always, always learning. Your other 3 lessons are so smart, and definitely something I'm going to keep more in mind, love the last one a whole lot!


    1. I totally connect with you and I love that! Thank you so much for commenting xx


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