Thursday, 31 December 2015

This was my year! Thank you.

This year I learnt a lot, not only about life or the things I love doing but I was able to discover myself and create the person who I want to be.

This year I grew as a person, I discovered myself and most importantly I experienced new opportunities. This year I lived for myself, I made my own decisions and I lived the way I wanted to live.
I know this was the perfect year for me to grow because I was ready to explore the world. I can now tell right from wrong. It might seem as you know what is right and what is wrong but sometimes in a situation you just can't tell. You have a moment in life when something opens your eyes and you understand how the world works.

I made this blog because I wanted (still want) to spread more awareness over real-life situations. Through this amazing experience I have found the loveliest, mind-like, positive friends ever. I started this blog because I wanted to do something positive and I never imagined people would follow/like/comment. It all still feels very surreal that people want to read this blog. 
Although it’s hard to find time in my personal life to blog, I make sure when I get time- I blog and communicate with as many of you as I possibly can. One of the best feelings about blogging is that when my readers e-mail me asking me for advice, or just wanting a friend to talk to. That really means so much to me because you all put your trust in me. Thank you if you are reading this or have been supporting me though my journey- it means more than you can ever imagine.

Thank you all for always supporting me. I hope you all have a great year ahead of you! Keep smiling and never give up on your dreams. 
Love you all.


  1. I'm really glad that 2015 been good for you! Happy new year :)

    Not Your Type Blog

  2. Cheers to a great year!! I hope 2016 is an amazing year for you too! :)
    Yours Truly, NY | INSTAGRAM

  3. Glad 2015 was kind to you :)

  4. Your blog is one of my happy places, Ramsha - and I thank you for that <3



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