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Judge me for who I am and not by what I wear feat. Haya

Anthony Rossbach
Haya is an anonymous blogger and blogs over at NewLeaf. Haya blogs about different stories that are inspired by incidents in our life. Haya has a beautiful blog and hopes that you will leave her blog with a new perspective. I love Haya's blog because it is filled with different lessons and teachings. Haya has a really touching story that she wrote about the hijab over at 'Pearl in the Oyster'. I really recommend that you go have a read of it.

 1. What does the Hijab mean to you?
 A. Obedience to Allah. B. Encouragement to be modest. C. A means to be seen beyond my looks for what I am. D. A shield from being seen as a mere eye candy. 

2. How do you feel when you wear the Hijab? 
Umm... Currently nothing special. Initially, I was very conscious of my hijab. I wondered - Was I wearing properly? I was proud and happy to be seen as a Muslim by wearing it. 

3. When did you start wearing the hijab and what lead you to making that decision? 
I started hijab (just covering my hair) at 17. I started learning about Islam then. Though other topics were discussed in our Islamic class and no one was asked to wear hijab, I took interest in it and decided to cover myself from head to toe. It felt great. I felt shy to be seen like that for the first time. :) I was happy and felt pious by dawning the head cover. :D I felt loved by Allah by doing by best to obey him.. I DID IT PURELY TO OBEY ALLAH. TO PLEASE HIM. Now, I see it has many more benefits. I wore abay (cloak) by 22. Now, I also wear a Niqab (face cover) 

4. Were your family and friends supportive? What did they say? 
Though they didn't observe hijab then, they had no problem with the head cover. I was married when I decided to wear Abaya. My in-laws were bit upset. But, husband didn't oppose my decision. My in-laws never imposed anything on me and just let it go. With time all my close relatives took interest in studying Islam in-depth. I am glad to say all my close relatives (parents and in-laws) now observe hijab. None of them were compelled. 

5. What reactions did you get when first starting to wear the hijab? 
At 17 I got lot of complements. Well, I was studying in a Muslim college. Everybody was supportive. 

6. Have you ever had any negative attention while wearing the hijab?
A. Sometimes, some people think we are backward oppressed, uneducated. Few shop keepers have tried to cheat me on cash. It happened more often ever since I wore Niqab. 
B. People feel intimidated by my presence. I feel as though ladies are more conscious of what they speak in front of me. Let's just say, they try to be more polished. 

7. Have you have any positive attention while wearing the hijab?
 Yes, it was from other practicing Muslims. On my way to college, even on a crowded bus men would avoid standing too close to me. Thanks to some gentle man staring at anyone coming too close to me. :) There were other such stuff. 

8. Do you feel like the events in the media have given you more attention?
Living in gulf has its advantage. I'm an expat here. Back home, I do see some difference. This turmoil has encouraged more people to learn about Islam, resulting in more hijabis amidst Muslims. Personally, I haven't faced any problem. 

9. Have you had any funny comments or moments while wearing the hijab?
I was at a shopping centre with my husband. He kept walking ahead of me. I thought he wanted to avoid purchasing anything. I decided to hide. I thought he would search for me. No, such luck. I lost him in the crowd. I found him few minutes later still marching ahead. I taped him from behind.
He was surprised to see me. He questioned, "What are you doing here? Then who is the one walking ahead of me? "
Ever since then, I avoid wearing complete black Abaya.

10. If you could say what you wanted to non-Muslims regarding the hijab what would you say? 
Please respect our freedom to wear what we like. 

11. Lastly, how do you feel about the hijab being recognised as ‘oppressive’? 
 Hijab or not, women are being oppressed. Please concentrate there. We need to raise voice against female infanticide; sex abuse; dowry deaths etc... Even if you consider extra clothing as oppression, hijab is not going to suffocate anyone to death. In an age where, breast feeding is obscene and baring is freedom, modesty is sadly detested. Judge the true inner motive for yourself. 


I want to say a massive thank you to Haya for being a part of this amazing cause. Please go show Haya your love and support over at NewLeaf.



  1. Haya's words from Question 6, 9 and 10. It's sad to think people react in the way that 6 says :(


    1. I totally agree, the world can be a cruel place to live in sometimes. It not always easy for many people and it's disheartening. xx

  2. Jazak Allahul khair for making me part if "hijab awareness campaign". :)

    A small message for all those who are indecisive about wearing hijab,
    " Go ahead. First step is the most difficult one. Honestly, things you fear/ stop you from wearing hijab won't really bother you as much as you imagine. Make most of this life and save best for hereafter with Hijab. "

    1. Thank you for being a part of it! I totally love your message! xx


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