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My life, my decisions and my hijab feat. Veena and Aussiepursuit

Venna has a blog over at Vennazkit which is mainly focused around beauty and lifestyle. 
 Aussiepursuit is an anonymous blogger over at Aussie-Pursuit and blogs about a variety of topics. Aussiepursuit also aims to share more knowledge over Islam and its teachings and other reflections on life

1. What does the Hijab mean to you? 
Veena: Hijab is my identity, I feel it is my existence, my saviour, my femininity. 
Aussiepursuit: The Hijab for me means protection. Not only as a protection from the sun or dust. As Dalia Mogahed perfectly put it, the Hijab is a privatization of the display of beauty. The Hijab for me is not only the head cover but the whole covering of woman's awra to hide her so called charms. A woman's awra in Islam is her body except her face and her hands. Let's be clear. Before I wore the Hijab (that was until my late teenage years), I found it really degrading when I walked in front of or talked to guys and their eyes started to wander here and there. Not only was it degrading, it also felt like my personal boundaries had been overstepped. It felt like there was nothing I could do, because there was no barrier to stop them from overstepping those imaginary lines. Casual clothing did not seem to do the work. The Hijab, however, became that barrier. And it still does. The Hijab gives me a sense of protection and privacy. Beside a protective shield, the Hijab also adds an ultimate value to what I only want to share with the most special person in my life. Someone who treats me right, has a good religion and character, and deserves it. In addition, the Hijab enables me to focus on my work more rather than worry about others' perception on how I look. Moreover, on the spiritual level, my body is a property of God. He creates it, He has rights over it, and He knows best how to deal with it. He had given instructions to wear the Hijab, even before I knew how much I needed it. And thus, wearing the Hijab is foremost a form of devotion to God.

2. How do you feel when you wear the Hijab? 
Veena: I feel protected, happy and complete.
Aussiepursuit: Confident and comfortable.

3. When did you start wearing the hijab and what lead you to making that decision?
 Veena: I started at the age of 17, out of nowhere, the urge to cover myself came out of nowhere and I just did.
Aussiepursuit: The Hijab became my personal decision to wear permanently during my late teenage years in high school. What led me in making that decision was Quranic guidance (Quran 24:30-31), as well as my personal realisation about the practical benefits of the Hijab.

4. Were your family and friends supportive? What did they say? 
Veena: Very supportive and happy though some relatives would want me to make exceptions like on parties and weddings, that I should show my hair and it becomes difficult to say NO but of course I do what I want. 
Aussiepursuit: Yes my family and friends were supportive. My parents encouraged me to wear it since a young age.

5. What reactions did you get when first starting to wear the hijab? 
Veena: I started Hijab when in Pakistan, and it is very common there so there weren't any strange stares by people and it was very normal. 
Aussiepursuit: Congratulations and cheers. I lived in a school environment where Islamic extracurricular activities was thriving even though it was a state run school.

6. Have you ever had any negative attention while wearing the hijab?
 Veena: I heard some very close people tell me I look like "aunty”. In our side of the world, aunty usually refers too elder women. :) 
Aussiepursuit: In Indonesia, certainly not. But here in Australia, it's a bit different. The majority of people in Australia are nice and decent. However, I increasingly notice the negative attention. Especially after the disproportional portrayal of events in the media to shed Muslims in a negative light. The most bizarre one lately was when I received a "you are not welcome" response when I inquired about accommodation online. This was after I answered the advertiser's question about what my full legal name was, and I am guessing my Hijab-wearing profile picture also adds up to that response.

 7. Have you have any positive attention while wearing the hijab?
Veena: Mostly positive, especially from friends, when I meet them they start asking me to make dua for them to be guide is I am. I think this is the best attention ever.
Aussiepursuit: Yes of course, and it becomes more noticeable here in Australia. Like when I went to the mall and an elderly lady smiled to me and said "You look beautiful!", or "What a nice dress!". Same compliments too at the office. Or when I went somewhere else and an elderly lady approached me and started a very interesting -and friendly- conversation. It's also always nice to walk into another Hijabi, smile and send salaams to each other and be involved in a conversation as if we've known each other for ages.

8. If you could say what you wanted to non-Muslims regarding the hijab what would you say? 
Veena: If Queens have crowns, Muslimah’s have Hijab.
Aussiepursuit: Please do not always believe what they want you to believe in the media. It would probably be good to do your own research. You can ask a Muslim, including me. I will always be happy to answer your questions, as long as they stem from genuine interest and curiosity, and far from being persistently judgemental.

9. Lastly, how do you feel about the hijab being recognised as ‘oppressive’? 
Veena: I feel upset and at the same time feel the need to talk more about hijab with the world, because that's purely ignorance that make people think so. 
Aussiepursuit: The Hijab is not 'oppressive'. For the majority of Muslima it is their personal choice, they feel comfortable in it, and they can't live without it. 


I want to thank Veena and Aussiepursuit for being a part of this wonderful day. I would love it if you all could go and show your love & support towards Veena and Rufika. All of their links are below so make sure you check them out.

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  1. I love their answers to 2, if the Hijab can make individuals feel that way - how can it be wrong or viewed as something oppressive, you know!?! I also love that they have had some beautiful, positive attention - makes me believe in the goodness of our human race, legitimately.


    1. Thank you for commenting Raashi. I totally agree with your comment xx


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