Thursday, 9 June 2016

11 ways to keep your life simple! Part 1.

11 ways to keep your life simple

 There are many things you can do, adapt and adjust in order to make your life more simple. There are two different parts to this post to ensure that it all makes sense and so it isn't all mashed together. So here are the first 11 ways to keep your life simple...

1. Keep yourself to yourself!
The best way to keep life simple is by keeping your problems/issues to yourself. If you need to then tell the people you love and trust your issues otherwise you don’t need/want strangers knowing every single thing that goes on in your life.

2. Talk about your feelings.
There’s nothing wrong with talking about your feelings or about how you feel. If someone has hurt you then take them to aside and let them know what’s hurt your feelings. Don’t assume they know or have done something on purpose because the chances are they didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. The worst thing is guessing what others around you are thinking and that does nothing but arise more problems.

3. Be kind and friendly.
No one likes being mean and it takes more energy than anything else! So be kind and friendly! If someone was/is mean to you then fight their negativity with positivity and I’m sure your positivity will win and at the end they will end up being kind back (it could take some time so don't expect them to be kind right then).

4. Be helpful and share your knowledge.
There is nothing worse than asking someone where they got something from or what they put in a certain recipe and then hear them come up with all the excuses just because they don’t want to tell you! NOO!!! That’s not the way to go girl! Share your knowledge and be helpful- whenever they go to that shop or make that recipe they’ll automatic think of you and thank you for introducing them to that thing!

5. Don't be afraid of asking questions.
There’s nothing wrong with asking questions if you don’t know something or want to find more information out. At the end of the day nothing is going to go wrong if you ask questions, instead you’ll just gain more knowledge so keep on asking.

6. Goodbye negativity and hello positivity.
Get rid of all of your negativity. Stop thinking negative about something, stop being bitter, stop hating, stop being jealous and stop with all of your negative energy- it won’t get you far. Take responsibility for your actions and thoughts. Replace all of your negative thoughts with positive ones and don’t stop wishing well for someone because positivity rules!

7. Nothing is perfect.
There is nothing that is perfect and no one is perfect. Everyone has their own imperfections that you can improve or disapprove, but what I’m saying is try to accept the fact nothing or no one is perfect. Yes, practice makes improvement and you can improve but don’t look for perfection because, well... what is it?

8. You can’t please everyone.
You really can’t please everyone in the world and you need to know that it’s totally acceptable to put your needs before others. It doesn’t matter how much you do at the end of the day, you could do everything for someone but they still won’t be satisfied because we’re human beings and we’re all greedy. Stick to listening to your heart and doing things you know are morally right but never try to please everyone because it’s impossible.

9. Honesty goes a long way.
Always be honest with yourself and others. There’s nothing worse than trying to cheat yourself into a decision so know yourself, love yourself but never cheat with yourself. Only you will end up suffering so be honest and let others know about your true feelings and who you really are. There’s no point in trying to be someone you’re not because the fact is the act won’t last a lifetime and it’ll only be a matter of days, months and years before you go back to who you really are.

10. Tell your loved ones how much you appreciate them.
Ever have someone randomly compliment you? Or appreciate you? The feeling is pretty amazing right? Well go tell your loved ones you love them and show them how much you appreciate them! Write them an appreciation letter, a thank you note or even send them a gift! You don’t need to wait for a special occasion to show your love towards a loved one!

11. Be yourself.
There’s nothing better in the world than being yourself, being comfortable with who you are and continuing to improve yourself. Go out there and find the person who you are meant to be, go do the things you enjoy and I kid you not, you’ll never look back. You will feel like the happiest person alive so go be yourself because you deserve to be happy.

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There you have the first part to '11 ways to keep your life simple'.
Make sure you read the second part of '11 ways to keep your life simple'.

I hope you enjoyed this and leave comment below letting me know what you do to keep your life simple!

Until next time, take care and keep smiling <3!



  1. I'm definitely guilty of wanting to please everyone around me and sometimes it really takes a toll. Thank you for the sound pieces of advice dear! xxxxxx

    1. Thank you for your comment and I hope my advice helps you. You really can't please everyone and anyone all the time so try making yourself happy. xx

  2. I think talking about your feelings is really important and it's so true that when people have to guess what you're feeling it's so much more difficult!

    1. I agree! Communication is definitely made easier when everyone is honest and straight about their feelings.xx


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