Sunday, 12 June 2016

I heart Ramadan Tag

Dakota Roos
In this post I will be sharing my personal experience during the month of Ramadan. I'm not sure who started this tag but it gives a great insight on Ramadan.

When do you start getting excited about Ramadan?
I normally start getting excited about Ramadan at least a few days before. 

What’s your favourite Ramadan story?
I don’t think I have a favourite Ramadan story apart from my childhood memories which were the BEST! Everyone being together and close is just something many people would do anything for. I remember that I’ve always been into Ramadan and I would want to keep them but I wasn’t allowed as I was young. I also remember ever since I was young my dad used to bring Rubicon mango cans/cartons for the whole family.

Does your family have any Ramadan traditions?
We open our fasts together! We have iftar and suhūr together and we always have fruit salad as a desert at iftar.

What’s your favourite Ramadan food?
This changes every year for me. I remember when I was little my mum used to make me a paratha with Pakistani sugar mashed together and I never used to feel hungry afterwards. For the past few years I don’t like eating too much because… well… you can’t and you get soo full and start feeling sick afterwards. I love dahi baray as a starter because it’s yummy.

When you’re fasting during the day, do you think about food?
Sometimes yes and sometimes no. It really depends on the day and normally I get thirsty and all I want is a glass of cold water. Food isn’t on my mind as much as water is.

Besides water and dates, what do you break your fasts with?
It normally is with water so I don’t really have an answer for this one. If I never have water in the future then it would be with some other drink.

What do you eat for Suhūr?
In the young days I used to have a very heavy meal. However now it’s normally varies from a bowl of fruit, to cereal, to leftovers from the night before and anything I fancy on a morning really.

What is your least favourite thing about Ramadan?
I don’t think I have a least favourite thing about Ramadan apart from the long hours which can become very tiring.

One thing that makes you happiest at Ramadan?
Everyone being together and appreciating the real value of food, family, love and other things we should be grateful! I just love the whole atmosphere during Ramadan because you can sense that it’s a very special month.

One tip you can give to people that are fasting?
Keep hydrated and fast smart. For example if you want to take the stairs and there’s an elevator there and you feel unwell then fast smart by taking the elevator.

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There you have my 'I heart Ramadan tag' and I hope this gave you more insight on Ramadan.

Until next time, take care and keep smiling<3!



  1. Ramadhan Mubarak gorgeous! Masha'Allah one week has already gone by. It's beautiful, we are always so appreciative about this month because it's so blessed. I loved reading this tag. And it's so true, water over food any day. That's all I wand and think about but Alhumdulillah it's all about the self control. Hope you the next 3 weeks go well for you hun! <3


    1. Thank you lovely. Ramadan is such a special month and nothing can come close to it. Thank you for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful comment. xx

  2. I love breaking my fast and having suhoor with the family, it's such a great bonding experience! Gah that fruit salad sounds really delicious right about now hehe, even though I'm feeling like a beached whale. I googled dahi baray and it sounds amazing! xxxxx

    1. Family is such a special bond, one to be cherished. Haha, loving your comment. Thank you xx


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