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London Life: All you need to know feat. Juanita

How beautiful is this picture captured by Juanita?
Today we have a lovely interview with Juanita from Oh so vague. I was really excited when Juanita agreed to do this interview because there's no one better than someone living in London to talk about it and let us know everything we need to! I want to say a massive thanks to Juanita for doing this and being so patient with me!
Let's get on with the interview...

1. Can you explain a little about yourself?
Hello! I’m Juanita! I’m a 22 and I love the colour blue! No but seriously, I’m a Creative Writing an Journalism graduate so it’s pretty obvious I love to write and get creative. I’m seriously easy to please but most importantly I love where I live.
2. What does it feel like to live in London?
It feels small but big at the same time. Things are quite far away from each other but I’ve nearly worked out how to get anywhere on two buses (Yes. Just two!)

3. What does it feel like to study in London?
While I was at uni I never stayed in halls because it was just too expensive and that wasn’t including food! Travelling did take me about an hour and a half from door to door, but I wouldn’t have moved city for my degree because doing a creative course in such a diverse city meant I always had constant inspiration around me. There’s always something going on to write about.

4. I get asked this a lot when I visit London and I’m not even from there so I’m sure you can answer this a lot better, but what are the main attractions you MUST go to see? (Don't have to name them all!)
If there’s one thing you need to do it’s be a tourist. I’m a born and raised Londoner and even I am still learning where somethings are. Last summer I even went on a bus tour. It was amazing in the sunshine and I had the 24 hour ticket which also included a boat ride down to Greenwhich and you can jump on and off anywhere you like so you can explore. Bliss.

5. Where is the best place to go shopping in London?
Stratford Westfield, the whole area that is Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street, Oxford Street, Tottenham Cour Road and Marble Arch. And then if the weathers good you could take a stroll to Hyde Park because you’re so close! Make sure you get a good night’s sleep the day before though, trust me, you’ll need it.

6. Can you recommend some great places for makeup shopping?
It completely depends on what you love! But I’d probably head down to Selfridges on Oxford Street because you can pass so many other shops like John Lewis and Debenhams along the way. So. Many. Options.

7. What are the three things you love about living in London?
There’s always something you can do no matter what the weather is like! And even if you want to go somewhere else you can catch a train to pretty much anywhere.

8. What are the three things you dislike about living in London?
Inescapable commuters, they are there no matter what time it is. There’s always a bus until you want to get on one. There’s always so much to do sometimes I miss something – that’s just sad :(

9. Can you recommend some amazing places for food?
Around Tottenham Court Road there are some amazing food places that literally just open out of nowhere, and your such a short walk away from Soho so you’re literally spoilt for choice on cuisines.

10. In London are there any MUST do’s?
How long are you going to be in London for?! Harrods, Camden, Borough Market, Portabello Road Market. You need to go to Oxford street – Selfridges is a must and the Flagship Topshop and Topman, Covent Garden has so many good food places! You’ll also need to see Wicked at the Apollo Victoria if you haven’t seen it already. Exhibitions there’s always a good one on in a museum somewhere.

11. What is the London Underground like? Is it easy to use? I know looking at the map it can be very daunting.
I think the map makes it seem more scary than it is, and then in rush hour or at the popular stations like Oxford Street, it seems horrifying. But it's much simpler than you think. I'd recommend downloading the Tube Map app though, you can use it without Wi-Fi or signal and you can see how your route, how long it will take, where to change and which direction to go. Trust me not even Londoners know which was is Westbound or Eastbound on certain lines.

12. Is it easy to find your way around London?
Would you believe that I’m still discovering new places all the time?! Once you go somewhere though you never really forget how to get there.

13. What’s your favourite part about living in London?
Other than having some seriously good transport links?! There’s literally so places to go to. Even I haven’t been everywhere yet!

14. Do you ever want to move from London?
If no, what is keeping you in London? I love living in London. Despite the weather and the constant traffic, it’s actually hard to see myself moving away for any reason. This is home.

15. If you ever got the opportunity to move from London, would you? And why?
I try to keep a calm manner but the only thing that could possibly make me move would be a once in a lifetime opportunity and it would have to be to somewhere like NYC or California.

16. If you could give any advice to anyone visiting London what would it be?
It’s likely to be busy in the top destinations at literally any point of the day so be prepared to have to squeeze on public transport. Always make a plan for where you want to go. Of course you probably want to go to a few places but you can definitely get distracted super-easily.

17. Lastly, would you like to add anything else?
Don’t take the city too seriously! If you get stressed about anything you it’s easy to get agitated. But more often than not there’s always a really simple solution. Stand on a corner where you can see the name of two streets and use Google Maps. Don't forget you need to use an Oyster Card or a Contactless card on buses (they don't take cash anymore). Have fun! - That's the main thing x

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Once again a massive thank you to Juanita! If you have any questions about London then feel free to contact Juanita! I'm sure Juanita will be more than happy to help you: All of Juanita's links are below.

Juanita's Twitter      Juanita's Blog      Juanita's Instagram 

I hope you all learned something about London from Juanita and if you're going to London anytime soon then I hope you have an amazing time.

Until next time, take care and keep smiling<3!


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