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School Life feat. Arya

Annie Spratt
Today we have Arya from Anything and Everything talking to us about her school life! I think it's really important to actually listen to others and get an insight of their lives because it's interesting and opens your mind to the fact that no one has the exact life as you: some people struggle and others don't but every life experience is valuable.
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1. Hey love, can you tell us a little about yourself please?
Hi my name is Arya, I am an enthusiast of fashion, art and photography. I started blogging last year to share my thoughts and make more friends. I am in year 8 at the moment and I’m enjoying school a lot!

2. When did you start school and what year are you in?
I started high school last September, I was in year 7 at the time.

3. What is school like?
I’m quite the nerd so for me school is fun, it’s always a laugh with my friends. I did find the work more challenging at first but most the teachers are quite laid back and always help. There are a few more annoyingly lazy teachers that your friends and you will always moan about! Don’t worry though as long as you try your best you’ll be fine!

4. What are your three favourite subjects and why?
I love English, art and drama. I find these subjects always have the best teachers and the work is so fun.

5. What feelings did you have before starting school?
I was so worried about everything! It was harder for me because there were not many people from my school coming and we were all in different classes. Making friends was top of my worry list! I was also quite scared about the work but I soon realised it was nothing to worry about.

6. What feelings did you have once you started school?
Once I started school, I made lots of friends and really settled in, it was great and my new friends started to become my new besties!

7. How easy was it to make friends?
Making friends is really easy when you just be yourself, especially at the begging of the year when everyone is looking for a friend. I think it always hard figuring out what to say but once you get the conversation going it’s all great. A big tip is to join a club to make friends there or to work with other people in lessons.

8. Can you tell us what the best ways are to keep organised?
You will start to become a lot more organised throughout the school year. My three organisation tips are: Keep a planner to keep on top of your homework Have a work space like your desk or the library Pack your bag the night before

9. How to do you keep up with all the work?
I would say every night take a look in your planner and get the work you need to do out, don’t leave it to the last minute. Put your distractions away so you won’t get distracted and my favourite thing to do is keep a little chocolate snack near me so I don’t get hungry while studying ,lol (guilty face)!

10. Do you set yourself any aims? If so, can you share some please.
Yes my aim this year was to concentrate more on my maths instead of spending too much time on my art so I can get good grades on both!

11. Is starting a school as scary as it seems?
It’s always a little scary starting a new school but after the first week you’ll start to get settled and remember you can still see and contact your old friends!

12. What types of teachers are your favourite? And why?
My favourite teacher is my English teacher, she’s really laid back and practically one of the kids. She will but into our girly conversations and she’s a really funny teacher and I guarantee every school has one like her!

13. Do your friends know about your blog?
If so, what do they say? I started my blog in my first year of high school, I told my closer friends first and they were totally fine with it and loved it. There was one friend who I didn’t want to tell because she would think I copied her but she eventually found out and came round to the idea. After I decided to tell everyone and pretty much everyone went on it! They all started commenting and really supporting me. Today I have a different blog but still all my friends know and support me with it. They even started their own blogs too! I think your friends will always try and support your passions!

14. Do you have any family members in your school? And does it make it easier? If so how?
I don’t have any family members in school, I would imagine it would make life easier having someone to ask questions but its fine if you don't have any family there.

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Thank you Arya for being a part of this amazing interview! I wish you all the success in the future and I know you'll go far and do some amazing things!
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Thank you for reading and
Until next time, take care and keep smiling<3!


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