Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Stand up for yourself.

For every wrong, there’s a right. If someone is doing something wrong that doesn’t give you the right to do nothing and watch wrong happen in front of you, instead you do something about it. We’ll often come across situations where
our heart tells us one thing but we’re not sure of what to do, however other times we
are totally satisfied with what we need to do and we're happy with our actions

At a point in our life, we may come across a situation where our character is neglected or we may encounter a difficulty which requires for us to stand up. Sometimes if it’s your first time standing up then it’s hard. However once you stand up for yourself and stand up for what’s right then you’ll realise that it was right and won't regret it. 

Can you remember that time you were in the wrong and you regretted it, and you had that horrible feeling inside of you? That feeling of how you felt was your witness that you were wrong HOWEVER in situations where you need to stand up for yourself, your inside will tell you if you were wrong or not. If someone is trying to belittle you and you just stand up for yourself, correcting them in a positive manner then I guarantee, you will not feel a slight guilt inside of you because you were standing up for something you believe in, you felt strongly about and most importantly something that was right.

Don’t ever let people walk all over you, don’t ignore your value, don’t belittle your value, know what you are worth and stand up for it! Don’t let anyone ever take advantage of you and do NOT ever let people criticise YOU, EVER. If you ever find people criticising or attacking you personally, then stand up and speak up for yourself in a POSTIVE and calm way. 

Imagine if someone is attacking who you are as a person and you know this person is used to it, or maybe hasn’t realised then tell them in a positive and calm manner. Don’t ever let people take advantage of you. You are worth more than that and you can stand up for yourself. If you stand up for yourself then you’re building your own reputation for yourself. People will always talk whether it’s good or bad, but being taken advantage of or someone having the audacity to attack your personality is wrong on so many levels. Always remember fighting fire with fire only makes a bigger fire, I truly believe positivity can outshine anything negative. 

Until next time, take care and keep smiling.
Ramsha | Rose


  1. That's really nice. Although we should keep in mind that if we do Not reply then the malaaikah reply or us. So it depends on the situation. But definitely keep up ur confidence in yourself, as self esteem is very important. Jzklla khr Sister for trying to spread positivity in th world. I love ppl like u!

    1. I totally agree with your comment. Sometimes, it is best to keep silent but in situations where possible you should stand up for yourself and never be taken advantage of. Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts!


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