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Benefit Cosmetics | Brows on Fleek Event | #BenefitToon

Hello beautiful ladies,
This post could be one of my longest ones yet and it includes a bunch of pictures, that I hope you like! So, grab your snacks and get ready.
I was lucky enough to be invited to a Benefit event which was held on Tuesday in Debenhams, intu Eldon Square, the event lasted from 7.30 – 9.30 pm. I am so humbled that I got an invite to the event, I still cannot believe it!

First and foremost, I would like to thank the beautiful Laura (also known as Elle) from Elle Blonde. I normally give all credits at the end of a post but attending amazing events wouldn’t be possible without this talented woman, so it’s only right to start with an introduction about Laura and her new brand. Laura is the genius behind ElleFluence, a platform which aims to connect brands with influencers in the North East. ElleFluence will officially launch early 2017, but ElleFluence have already held three incredibly successful events. Laura is super talented and goes beyond her ways to encourage brands to work with influencers, like myself. This was the third successful event organised by ElleFluence. If you’re a brand looking to work with influencers I would encourage you to contact Laura from ElleFluence. Also, if you’re an influencer looking to connect with brands and different opportunities then Laura is your girl! So a huge thank you to Laura for creating this amazing platform.

At my very first blogger event, Urban Decay, I was super nervous but this time I made it an aim of mine to meet more bloggers in the North East as these bloggers are super talented and deserve the recognition.
Once I headed into Benefit, we were all greeted by Laura Pearman Photography, Elle and pizza! We could help ourselves to the pizza and drinks available. The pizza looked delicious and was from Manny’s Pizza Deli. The one thing that I loved about this was that there was something for everyone! If you wished, you could have got your picture taken by the talented Laura. We could also participate in a raffle, the prizes were amazing and included a lot of goodies. I went around talking to other bloggers and getting to know them a little bit better. Oh! Let’s not forget to mention, I went around taking loads of pictures just like a blogger. You can never have too many pictures, right?
Elle got us all gathered around and told us about the Benefit app, followed by talking to us about what to expect on the evening, then we all took some pictures taken as a group.

Before I really get into the post I want to talk about the new Benefit Wow Brows app which is like a reward system. So, each time you go for a treatment you collect a stamp and there are free incentives you get along the way. If you refer a friend to the app you gain extra treats. The coolest part of the app is the feature which allows you to find your nearest store and you can book your brow appointment, how cool?! I love the idea of this app and you don’t need to worry about forgetting your rewards card because it’ll be on your phone. This is super handy!
We were told to get into groups as we would be moving around and we needed small groups so everything could run smoothly and not a lot of people were crowded around one station. I really loved the thought of this. This meant everyone could easily see what you were being shown and you had the opportunity to ask any questions.

I was in a group with Farzana from Aspiring Londoner and Humera. Firstly we were on a beauty station, our beautiful benebabe was Rochelle. Fun fact! Rochelle was a Disney princess! How amazing? Rochelle was so beautiful and talented, definitely knew her stuff.

Humera opted to be the model for this station. Firstly, we got talked through and had a demonstration of all the different face products. Some of the products are listed as follows: Different eyeshadows, They’re real mascara, push up Eyeliner, PoreFessional concealer, ready set brow gel, Eyebrow products and much more.
We were introduced to the beautiful blushers which I love and the famous hula. Benefit blushers are one of my favourites and my first ever favourite blusher from there was Bella Bama, which was sadly discontinued. But, on the bright side, Benefit have a range of different amazing blushers which you can build up the colour as you desire. Two products you need to get your hands on are the new benefit blusher palette 'Blushin' Babe' and the lip palette 'Kissy Missy'. 

We were lucky enough to get a walkthrough of all the products and it was great being able to test them. If you’re a lip girl then you need the Kissy Missy palette which has a lipliner and lipstick in one. This allows the colours to blend perfectly so you’re not left with a harsh line. I also fell in love with the Watt’s Up! Face highlighter, it is such a beautiful highlighter and it’s easy to blend. Oh, and it’s Kim Kardashian's favourite highlighter.
If you’re looking to buy someone a present I would really encourage you to get your hands on the two different kits available from Benefit. One is all about the lips, Kissy Missy and the other is all about the eyes, It’s a gal’s world. Both are amazing for value and would make a great gift for a person who loves their makeup. I would also suggest checking all the other Christmas range out because it's an amazing price for the value.
We were taken over to the brow bar where Emily, the benebabe was going to talk us through the routine by demonstrating the full beauty package on Farzana, who was the model this time. The live brow demonstration would involve waxing and tinting.

Firstly, we were informed about three main things to look out for when doing your brows. I already knew this but it was great to see a different way of how it is done. Emily used a colour wheel which helps determine what brow colour is best tailored for you. It’s a great way to find a colour that suits you and doesn’t overpower your whole makeup look.

Before beginning Emily had to read out an agreement form which was signed by Farzana. Emily explained everything which was on the agreement, followed by asking Farzana some crucial information like allergies and about her health etc.
Top picture - Emily finding the colour for Farzana's brows and the three things you should look for when doing your brows. Bottom picture - Emily and Farzana going through the legal things.
Once all the legal bits were done, Emily carried out a little test on Farzana’s palm to test the temperature of the wax. This was to make sure Farzana was comfortable and the temperature was OK for her. Before the waxing, Emily tinted Farzana’s brows, I’m not going to lie, this was a great thing to watch. I never knew how it was done until now and it was amazing. Emily applied Vaseline to the areas which did not need the tinting, so just in case, if any tinting got on the skin it wouldn’t stain. This took a matter of minutes and it was done. Then, Emily began to wax Farzana’s upper lip, eyebrows and chin. It was very surprising to see how quickly it was done and there was hardly much redness. This also showed me how professional and great Emily was. Emily was really gentle and kept making conversation with all us. 
First Row L- R: Farzana talking to Emily, Emily carrying out the temperature test, Emily applying Vaseline. Second Row L-R: Picture one and two is the tint on Farzana and the last picture is Emily removing the tint. Last Row: Emily doing Farzana's brows after they have been waxed.

 After all the waxing, Emily applied some concealer which hid the slight redness. There was hardly much redness, Farzana’s skin didn’t show a lot of redness so applying the concealer just hid all the redness and it didn’t even look like you had a wax done. Normally, you look all red and like your face has been dragged through a thorn bush but not this time. You left looking and feeling GREAT. Farzana looked so glam, great and her brows were on fleek. The transformation was amazing, not even one single hair was in sight. It was super clean and I was so impressed. It’s a treatment I would 100 per cent recommend. The one product I loved from this demo was the brow pencil which is shaped diagonally which helps to fill in your brow. It’s perfect for those who are starting to do their brows too.
Farzana's brows: Before on the left and after on the right. I didn't want to take any pictures during the waxing because it's a personal thing. How great do the brows look?
We were all given an adorable goody bag which was a beautiful unexpected gift. You can see what was inside by the pictures below.
Inside the goody bag were two products: The Roller Lash (which is amazing and makes your lashes pop) and the BROWVO! Conditioning Primer.
All the products felt so creamy and were amazing! Benefit is one of the brands that never lets me down and it keeps getting better and better. Benefit Cosmetics never fail to amaze me and give me the things I want. The experience was unforgettable and the atmosphere was all so positive and I really enjoyed every second. The night was filled with information and the event exceeded my expectations. Prior to the event we were told we would have a lesson on brows and how to achieve the perfect brow shape for your face, but, if I’m completely honest, I got more than that. I loved getting to know other bloggers and was comfortable enough in taking my camera out and taking pictures whenever I wanted to and most importantly it was lovely meeting everyone.

A massive thank you to all the Benefit team who were nothing but informative and welcoming. I enjoyed their company and they made you feel great. I walked away learning new tips and tricks, especially when it comes to doing my brows! A massive thank you to Laura Photography once again for taking beautiful pictures. This lady is so kind and creative. I’d also like to thank Elle from Ellefluence for arranging a very successful event.

Some of the beautiful bloggers I spoke to on the night: Mandy from Mandy Charlton Photography, Chloe from ChloeHxx, Lorna from Loochiee, Lucy from GirlonTrend, Toni from Fashpreneur, and Mimi from Mimi04world. (If we spoke on the night please let me know and I'll add you to the list)
I would recommend you all to check these amazingly talented girls out. These girls were super kind, beautiful and made me comfortable straight away. It was amazing to talk to other bloggers who done the same thing as you, we all had things in common through our blog. It was such a great time meeting everyone.

Thank you all for reading.
Until next time, take care and keep smiling
Ramsha | Rose


  1. Honestly can't thank you enough for your beautiful words but I'm honestly so pleased you had a great night and got so much more from it than tips for your brows! Can't wait to see you soon gorgeous lady xx

    1. Thank you Elle! I wish you a successful future ahead <3

  2. This was such an amazing post to read I love the personal perspective and all the info of the event..

    1. Thank you Sarah! I always try to include as much detail as possible to represent what happened and so readers can get a taste of what occurred.

  3. Sounds like a great event and I'm sure you must have had fun with fellow bloggers.

    1. Thank you! It was a lovely night, one I won't forget.


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