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Urban Decay Masterclass Bloggers Event #UrbanNCL

I cannot believe I’m typing this experience up. Anything blogging related, I want you guys to read my experience and get to know what I did/thought because your all involved in my journey. *Before I begin I would like to apologise if I have forgotten your name but I’m sure many of you can relate. When you’re in an environment where a lot is happening it’s hard to remember everyone’s name. * Grab your snacks and get cosy because this is a long post.

I was so excited and thrilled I got an invite to this event. I was counting down the days. The night before the event the venue got changed. I was hoping that everyone checked their e-mails and found out about the venue change. The venue got changed from Gusto Newcastle and now it was going to be held at Debenhams (in intu Eldon Square), in their restaurant. The venue got changed as many people requested if they could buy Urban Decay products. Taking the products to the restaurant was not possible, hence the change in venues. 

The event started at 6pm and I left my house early because I knew traffic would be horrendous during this time. I hate being late, my nerves and emotions go all over the place if I’m running late so I made sure that I had plenty of time beforehand. Also, I don’t go to Newcastle often so I don’t know where places are. I’m glad I knew where Debenhams is and it’s a lot easier to get to for me. I arrived at Debenhams by 5.45pm and I was told they weren’t ready yet and if it was fine if I wondered around for a little while. We all started queuing and just after 6 we got taken in one by one. We had a portrait photo taken by Laura Pearman Photography. Who can I say is the liveliest, inviting, bubbly and kind person ever! I’m glad I got to meet Laura because the way she was handling everything was beautiful. This girl knows her stuff and is insanely talented! I was nervous to get my photo taken because everyone was watching but, Laura made me feel very comfortable! I would recommend Laura so much. I then went to sign in, my name was ticked off the sheet. We could get a variety of drinks, chocolate and other nibbles. 

I sat down next to two lovely girls! If you guys are reading this, I'm sorry but I've forgotten your names. You guys were so friendly and it was a pleasure speaking to you. Once everyone had sat down we were introduced to the Urban Decay team. The team done a great job and were so inviting. Firstly, a young lady and gentleman from the Urban Decay team came up. The young lady taught us how to do a smokey eye that would be suitable for the day. The lady also gave us some tips and made sure we all understood. The gentleman was talking to us about the different products. We were given palettes, concealers, foundations and brushes to try out and see what they were like. *Let me point out, the concealers and foundations felt so luxurious and were very pigmented. The new Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette was life! It was so beautiful and the colours were to die for. Let’s not forget how soft and silky the brushes felt! OMG… also, did you know that the makeup brushes are made from recycled plastic bottles, so they’re more cruelty-free? The tutorial was jammed pack with information to take in and the finished look was beautiful, the eyes were out of this world. 

Then the two other girls took over. They were now about to transfer the look from day to night. Near the end of the masterclass, food was given and it’s such a shame there was nothing for vegetarians and vegans. It’s a good job that I ate beforehand. The finished look was insane, flawless and beautiful. At the end of the tutorial we were told that we could go downstairs to the counter to look at the new holiday range of Urban Decay, have a roam around, and to collect our goody bags. As leaving the restaurant, photographer, Laura was taking pictures of people with the Instagram board of Rub Smokehouse. I went downstairs and made a cheeky purchase from Urban Decay, which will be revealed soon so watch this space! 

In our goody bags were the things listed below: 
- Urban Decay – Revolution High-Color Lipgloss in Scandal (which I have wore and is a beautiful colour, texture and long lasting. I was very impressed with it)  
- Urban Decay Naked Skin – Ultra definition powder foundation – Wet/Dry in light | warm, medium in light | warm and Medium in dark | Golden. 
- Urban Decay Eyeshadow primer potion - original 
- Urban Decay Primer Potion 24-hour eyeshadow 
- Urban Decay Afterglow 8-hour powder blush in score, quicker and bittersweet 
- Urban Decay Eyeshadow in buck and lounge 
- Urban Decay Eyeshadow primer potion 
- Leaflet about Urban Decay’s top picks and information about beauty consulting sessions 
- Leaflet about vice lipsticks 
- Debenhams beauty club reward club 

Some snaps of the goody bag
A great big thank you to the amazing and talented Urban Decay team who were super enthusiastic, welcoming and full of energy. The team made the night more enjoyable and interesting. The team made sure we understood and if we had any questions they would answer them. All the team’s makeup was so sleek! 

A huge thank you to the gorgeous Laura Pearman Photography for taking beautiful pictures. Laura is so talented and I hope Laura reaches very far because what she does is incredible. Laura makes you feel comfortable instantly and her smile never goes away! I adore this woman so much and hope she continues to rock the photography world. 

A MASSIVE thank you to the beautiful Laura also known as Elle from Elle Blonde. Some of you may not know that Elle is officially launching Ellefluence in January, which is all about bringing brands and bloggers together. It's about time the North East got to be a part of everything amazing in the blogging world. A huge thank you to Ellefluence for organising the event and being brilliant, and bringing brands and bloggers closer. From the very first contact Elle’s been nothing but energetic and approaching! Elle’s energy is just electrifying and without Elle this wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you, Elle, for inviting us all, thank you for organising the event and thank you for being you! You should be so proud of yourself. Elle, a massive congratulation and I hope you celebrate this first success because it’s the beginning of something spectacular. I cannot wait for your official launch because I know you will be a massive success. 

I had a great time at the event and want to say a last thanks to those who made the evening a night to remember. This was my first event and I learned so much from being there. Thank you all for reading.

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So were you there at the Urban Decay Masterclass Bloggers Event? If so, what did you think of it?
What's your favourite product from Urban Decay? Or, what's on your wish list from there?

Until next time, take care and keep smiling.
Ramsha | Rose


  1. Absolutely love this post and I'm super glad you had an amazing night! Hope the tips the guys gave you will be of use to you too! I am absolutely humbled by your kind kind words and look forward to you attending lots more of our events soon!

    I totally take your comments about the food on board too! As we had the last minute venue flip it was an additional extra and kind gesture from the guys at Rub, what you've said is really helpful to me and I appreciate you taking the time to comment on this as it's sparked me to add additional fields onto our ELLEfluencer's profile section for when the website launches to ensure all requirements are covered!

    Can't wait for the next event and to see you again very soon! This post has truly made my day, I can't describe how beautiful your comments are and I'm excited for the big launch next year xxxx

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment and continuous hard work!
      I hope to see you very soon, keep up the great work <3

  2. Sounds like an amazing and jam packed night!

    Parie x

    1. It was indeed, great fun though. I hope you are doing well :)

  3. Wow, I really enjoyed reading your blog about the UD night. I've recently only found. it at the moment. I'm so behind in my blogging reading. I totally agree with your sentiments about the North East. Often we seemed to be overlooked for everything. This one my pet pev's enough grumblings. I things are about to get interesting.

    1. Thank you for your comment Sarah! I really appreciate it <3!
      I personally feel we are very overlooked in the North East.


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