Tuesday, 31 January 2017

6 ways how I went outside of my comfort zone in 2016

Hello, you beautiful person! 2016 was a great year for me and there were a lot of new things I decided to do. I want to share some of the ways I went outside of my comfort zone in 2016. We often get stuck in our comfort zone but challenging ourselves to move away from our comfort zone can open more doors for us and it's a great way to help us learn more. Sometimes you may not like something but at least you can say you've tried it.

1) Trying new things. 
Without a doubt, in 2016 I tried a lot of new things. From stepping outside of my own comfort zone and going to my first blogger event to trying new foods including fruits like raspberries and blueberries (surprisingly, I am a new lover of berries). 

2) Meeting new people. 
This was a major thing for me. I'm proud to say that in 2016 I met a lot of great people. As well as meeting, new people I also met some old friends and it was lovely to see them.

3) Talking to others first. 
This was something really daunting to me first. I took little steps and now I can’t stop without talking to others. If I see someone I will talk to them, even if it’s for a few seconds, I will make a conversation with others. I'm not talking about strangers on the street, I'm talking about people who cross my path. 

4) Putting my opinions and thoughts across more. 
Being a blogger you would think this is easy but it's easier to type up what you want to say than to speak it. So, being able to speak about my opinions and put my thoughts across more is something I enjoy doing. I really want to do this more in 2017. 

5) Trusting myself. 
This is something we all need to do more of. Being able to trust ourselves and our decisions. We know what's right and wrong so being able to put trust in yourself to make decisions is a very big thing that I started to do more of in 2016. I personally feel like 2016 was a year of trusting my decisions more. 

6) The first step. 
The first step is always the hardest but the first step will lead you to a place where you allow yourself to grow. Everything you do in life needs a first step from you for you to complete it. Sometimes the first step is all you need to fulfil a dream or to help you realise something.

Until next time, take care and keep smiling!
Ramsha Rose 

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