Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The truth about wearing the Hijab | World Hijab Day

World Hijab Day is a day where women from across the world are encouraged to wear the hijab to show support of the Muslim community. World Hijab Day helps to raise more awareness of the reasons for the hijab and the basic rights. It helps to build a great understanding. Last year I interviewed a lot of different empowering women all over the world on their personal stories of the Hijab, which can be found on 'World Hijab Day'. To get a better insight of the day you should check out my post 'What is World Hijab Day?'.

The truth is, wearing the hijab isn’t easy. Each day is never the same. There’s never a perfect timing to embrace the hijab. It’s a moment where you say to yourself ‘it’s now or never’ and ‘I promise myself to never take it off even in the moment of darkness because it will be my light’. 

When you decide that you want to wear the hijab it’s not an easy decision. When you start wearing the hijab, it’s hard because it’s different and you’re not used to it but once you get comfortable wearing the hijab, you own it. It’s a hard decision to make but it’s very rewarding. You don’t really know where to begin. You’re insecure and scared. You never get forced to wear the hijab because it’s a personal choice, it’s your choice. 

When you first wear the hijab it’s strange because you’ve always been used to showing your hair. People who you know and don’t know, Muslims and non-Muslims will stare at you. You will feel very self-conscious like the whole world is staring at you. Some will be waiting for you to give up and stop wearing it but DON’T. Some people may even abuse you for your belief. You started because of a reason, always keep that reason in mind. Have faith in yourself. You can do it. The first days are the hardest but it will get easier. Achieving something great in life doesn’t come easy. So just have patience. 

The first day wearing the hijab you don’t have a clue what your hijab ‘style’ is. You don’t know what will suit you or not. Eventually, through different experiments, you find a way in which you are comfortable. Sometimes you will even get bad hijab days where your hijab doesn’t want to cooperate with you. Sometimes pins will hurt you a little, sometimes you’ll never be able to find a pin, sometimes your hijab may be a little tight and sometimes you feel like giving up. 

But most of the time you have amazing days where you feel like a superwoman. You treat yourself to all the different types of hijab styles, all the different types of hijab, all the different accessories and pins. Your head will be held higher than ever and you will feel like a queen in your hijab. Wearing the hijab is worth every minute. You wear the hijab proudly and you don’t worry about what others say about you. You aren’t scared of wearing it anymore because without the hijab you’re not you. Without the hijab, you lose your identity. The hijab is my identity. It’s who I am. Without the hijab, I don’t really know what I would do. 

Wearing the hijab is a spiritual journey. Wearing the hijab or not that’s your decision. It’s a journey for everyone. Everyone is at a different place in their lives, we are all dealing with different things. The hijab is a beautiful journey with many struggles along the way. Wearing the hijab is not only about wearing a piece of cloth on your head but it’s a duty. We have a duty to represent ourselves in a manner which is suitable within our religion. Hijab is about improving our character. Hijab is being kind to ourselves and others. Hijab is about empowering one another. The hijab allows others to judge you by your character and what is on your mind. The hijab is a message of respect and modesty. Your appearance should not define who you are but your character and personality should do that. 

The hijab is not a competition between one another but rather it’s a challenge for us to be better than the person who we were yesterday. It’s a chance to improve ourselves day by day. It’s a way to work on your own journey and be empowered.

I end this post with a writing which defines my Hijab. 

I have a responsibility, to maintain authenticity, and to be confident in who I am, in a world, which is run with a certain programme, wearing the hijab is a sign of my modesty, in a world, where we’re criticised constantly, being a Muslim is my identity, and I ask nothing but your empathy, wearing the hijab is more than an act of worship, and without it, I feel worthless, I’m able to project my voice, through my strong choice, in my beautiful journey!
- Ramsha Rose

Thank you all soo much for your time. I hope this post helped you in one way or another. 
Until next time, take care and keep smiling.
Ramsha Rose


  1. It's really interesting post you've written. As I live in Newcastle' s Aruther's Hill which has multicultural vibe, I love. Part of the community includes a large population of Muslims their seems to be combo of women who don the hijab and others don't.

    I think it's quite interesting reading I have came across internet articles where the Muslims were punks, goths and even Sweet Lolitas who donned the hijab but have put their own spin on it to represent their religion and culture.

    1. Hi Sarah! Firstly, thank you for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment. Wearing the hijab is a personal choice and we shouldn't ever judge anyone for their choices in life.


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