Wednesday, 23 August 2017

15 ways to deal with anger or being upset.

Thank you to the talented Jeff Sheldon for the visual representation.
Sometimes, we just need to do a little something so we can carry on being 'normal'. Here are 15 ways you could deal with anger or being upset. 

1. Talk to someone. 
Talking to someone helps when you are angry because you are letting all of your emotions out. You let go of the thing that hurt you. 
2. Just cry and let it all out. 
Sometimes you just need to cry to deal with your anger and let it it all out. 
3. Exercise. 
Exercise will help you, especially if you meditate that will help calm you down. Also, going for a brisk walk. 
4. Break some things. 
Just go outside (where it's legal) and break something. Get a glass plate or something and break it then, when you have calmed down clean it all up. 
5. Surround yourself with positivity. 
Depending on the type of anger, surround yourself with positive people who can help calm you down. 
6. Eat. 
Sometimes, all you need is something to eat.  Food just makes any situation better.
7. Write your feelings down. 
Something which is super helpful is writing your feelings down when you can't speak about it. Writing will help you take out all of the anger out of your system. 
8. Look at the good side of things. 
Try to find some positivity and happiness even though it may be hard. 
9. Find inspirational pictures and stories that will help motivate you. 
Inspirational stories sometimes help you see situations from a different perspective so it may help. 
10. Do something else. 
Get your mind off things by distracting yourself with something else. 
11. Drink water. 
Drinking water when you are angry or upset will help you cool down soo much. 
12. Leave the situation. 
Remove yourself from the situation. You have no control over other people but you have control over yourself. 
13. Think. 
Just think about the situation, your action, the action of others, what you could do to improve the situation, what really happened and what steps to take next. You should try to think rationally. 
14. Sleep. 
Sleeping so the next time your awake will diffuse the situation and you will have less of an intense emotion towards it. 
15. Solve the situation.
Sometimes, all you need is to solve the situation. Talk about your feelings to the other person and clear the air.

How do you deal with anger or being upset?

Thank you for reading.
Until next time, take care and keep smiling.
Ramshaa Rose

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