Sunday, 6 August 2017

8 Things to consider before starting a blog

Jazmin Quaynor
This is the first post of my 'Social Media on Sunday' series and I hope you enjoy reading it and maybe pick up a few little things too. Without talking too much here are eight things to consider before starting a blog.

This is the most important thing to do before starting a blog. You should try to find blogs that you enjoy, are entertaining and try to get some inspiration from them. You should do some research on things such as how to start a blog, ways to leave comments and how to communicate with bloggers and your audience and other important topics. The concept of blogging is very exciting but before you jump into anything, do it in the correct way.

You should start to think about who you want to target your writing at and who you would like to interact with.

What would you write about? 
I always say you shouldn’t limit yourself to one certain subject and try everything you like writing about, and just try it and see where it goes. 

The name you have is essential. This will be the most important decision you will make throughout your time blogging. I really recommend you take some time to consider all different possibilities of names and ask yourself the following questions: 
Will you still like this name after 5/10 years? 
Does the name represent you and your brand? 
How does it sound? 
How happy are you with the name? 
Does it have a meaning? 
A name doesn’t have to be something like ‘PositivityForLife’ it can be your name or something like Victoria from ‘IntheFrow’ where it stands for ‘In the front row’. 
A name will be something you will present to the world so it’s important, and I cannot stress enough how important your name will be. When I started blogging I was ‘Rosehhmua’ then 'Rosemua' but over time I changed and my thought and meaning behind my blog changed so now my blog is ‘RamshaaRose’ across everywhere. Changing my blog name has had many complications because I was blogging over a year so there were many difficulties behind the scene. I wish I thought hard about my name before jumping into it but I'm happy to say that I am finally happy with the name of my blog.

Hosting and platforms 
Find out which platform you want to build your blog upon. I have a post coming up in the near future on different types of platforms, such as, WordPress, Blogger etc. Would you want to host it yourself? I would say experiment with different platforms and see which one you prefer. Like I said at the start, do some research and be happy with your choices.

Would you like to have a domain? It’s not compulsory and it’s a person choice. You could wait until you definitely know if blogging is something you would want to do, then purchase one. 

The design of your blog 
Imagine your own space on the web, what would it be like? What would represent you? Sketch something up, get inspiration, experiment and build it up. Before I started, I already had an image of what I wanted mine to look like. I only recently changed my blog design and now I feel like it represents me more.

Social media 
Once, again, this is a personal choice. It’s up to you if you want different social media to connect with a wider audience or not. I would recommend not getting social media that you will not use to interact with your audience. The biggest advice is to keep all of your names the same and consistent. 

There you have my top eight things to consider before starting a blog. 
Did anything in the post stand out to you?
If you're a blogger then what would you tell others to consider before starting a blog? 
Thank you for reading.
Until time, take care and keep smiling.
Ramshaa Rose

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