Wednesday, 9 August 2017

8 ways to love yourself

Thanks to Annie Spratt for the beautiful visual representation.
These are my favourite posts to write and I'm happy to start this 'Wednesday Way To' series with eight different ways to love yourself. Something we all often forget to do but need a reminder. 

1. Love yourself before someone else.
Start to find the beauty and all the positive things in yourself. Start to embrace your flaws and acknowledge that you cannot be 'perfect'. When you start embracing who you are, you'll eventually start loving yourself. 
2. Be confident in yourself.
Don't be scared of who you are. Don't be ashamed of the person who you have turned into. Be confident in yourself. Stand up straight with your head held high.
3. Love your differences.
As I have said before, start to love and embrace your imperfections. Realise that you cannot do everything. 
4. If someone is trying to put you down, just smile, embrace who you are and ignore them.
Mean and negative comments hurt. It's natural for them to have an impact on you but you also have a choice to not care about them mean comments. You should know who you are and realise that there are mean people in the world who feed off from negative energy. It says more about the person who they are than it does about you. 
5. See the positivity in yourself. 
You can easily see the negative things in yourself but how many times do you stop to see the positivity in yourself? Or the good things you do? You need to embrace the positive things about yourself more than the negative. 
6. Understand what you are good at.
Just like the point before, understand what you are good at. Every single person is good at different things. Understand that. Know your amazing qualities. 
7. Compliment yourself. 
Start complimenting yourself. Write down everything good about you and your personality. Start to realise how wonder you really are. 
8. Be proud of who you are.
I only thought this last one would be perfect to end the post with. Be proud of the person who you are. Know that there is only one you in the whole entire world. Be proud of yourself and who you are. Never ever, take notice of any mean comments.   

What did you think of this post? 
Which one was your favourite point?
Would you like to add anything else to this post?

Thank you for reading.
Until next time, take care and keep smiling.
Ramshaa Rose


  1. Love your amazing post, truly inspiring, thank you for sharing!!!


    1. Thank you for leaving such a kind comment Nora! xxx

  2. What an inspiring and uplifting post, I really needed to hear that this evening! Like you said, it is easy to see the negative things about yourself and harder to accept your flaws and focus on the positive. I remember that a few years ago one of my teachers at high school told us to write down things about ourselves and she mentioned that most people wrote down a lot more negative than positive things. Somehow we saw this as a challenge to come up with as many positive things about ourselves as possible, it was beautiful. xx

    1. Thank you Mira! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. That sounds like such a cool teacher! I'm glad that it opened your eyes. It's human nature for us all to think the worst about ourselves. We all need to start embracing the positives about us :)

  3. Yes yes yes to this wonderful post Ramsha! I think we all find it surprising how difficult it is to love ourselves but it is so very important. It's SO important to stop putting ourselves down and take the time to search for those bits of us that are pretty damn awesome! And I can certainly tell that you personally have a lot to be proud of. :) xx

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    1. Thank you for leaving such a beautiful comment Emily! <3 xxx

  4. What a lovely post this was & such great tips! We all need that reminder occasionally so thanks for putting it so beautifully! Gave me a kick of self confidence too <3 Keep up the great posts :*
    Lots of love x

    1. Thank you Fatima! I'm glad you enjoyed the post xx


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