Monday, 28 August 2017

2nd Blogiversary: honest recap

August marks the 2nd year of me starting my blog. It's my 2nd blogiversary and I am very excited! I want to thank you all, those who are new readers, those who have stuck by me from day one, those who just visit my blog, those who comment, those who message me, to every single one of you who interact in one way or another, thank you. Your support means a lot to me.

I want this post to be a recap on the past two years. The first year, I was building my audience and connections with others. However, my second year, I was away from my blog more than imaginable and I felt bad. I love blogging and writing about the things that are important to me. But, I learnt the most about my blog in the second year. I want this post to share the things that I have learnt about my blog.

A schedule is crucial for those bloggers who don’t blog full-time and have other commitments. A schedule helps so much and also helps you keep organised. Scheduling posts keeps your mind at peace because you know you have something going online when you're busy. 
The community is filled with a wide range of different bloggers who have different passions. Sometimes, the blogosphere can become very negative but… there are bloggers who keep the atmosphere online positive too. Blogging and bloggers is a resemblance to the real world. Everyone is different, there are different personalities and you’ll get along with some people and some you won’t. It’s all normal. You just need to be respectful towards other people.
Your tribe:
I didn’t really know what to name this point but… make your own little community. Visit the blogs and connect with the bloggers who you enjoy and resemble most with. I find that this really helps you to connect with people who have the same style and thoughts. It’s more likely to create a unique bond with them. 
Time off:
Everyone needs time off, time to relax and time away from the internet. We all need a little break because we all deserve it. We push ourselves so much and put huge pressure on ourselves but we need to realise that we need some time off. 
Everyone needs to have ambitions in life. You need to be more productive. You need to be enthusiastic. Yes, some days will be bad but don’t stop dreaming or chasing the things you want. 
Life beyond the internet:
There is life beyond the internet and we all need to realise this. The amount of times I see people on their phones, not interacting with one another, not being social in real life or avoiding situations by being on your technology is insane. Yes, the internet does have great features but we all take advantage and overuse it. Most of us are addicted to technology and it's a little crazy. So, we need to have measurements in our life that allow us to live life and enjoy it, without being attached to technology all of the time.
Recently, I have got back into blogging and loved every minute of it! I have changed many things on my blog so have a little look around and see if you can find those changes.

I am super grateful to each and every one of you. Thank you once again.
Thank you for reading! 
Until next time, take care and keep smiling.
Ramshaa Rose


  1. I really like the concept of your blog and i strongly agree that many individuals should also try different activities in life because this way they can see what its like without technology too. Thanks xx

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment! I'm glad you like my blog.

  2. Very interesting. Congratulations.


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