Sunday, 3 September 2017

20 things you shouldn't be scared of whilst blogging

Before you become a blogger, never feel the need to fit in and don't be scared to do these 20 things whilst blogging.
Thanks to Green Chameleon for the beautiful visual represntation.
We start a new school or something and we want to fit in, but, we need to realise that it's perfectly normal to be who you really are and not be scared of different things. I have made a list of 20 things I really think you should not be scared of doing while blogging.
Don't be scared to share your opinions.  
Don't be scared of not living according to other people's expectations. 
Don't be scared to comment on other blogs. 
Don't be scared to represent who you really are. 
Don't be scared of saying yes to new opportunities that will open new doors for you. 
Don't be scared to ignore people you don't/won't get along with.
Don't be scared to block them either.
Don't be scared to make new friends.
Don't be scared of not being the 'stereotype' blogger.
Don't be scared to be outside of the box. 
Don't be scared of not liking tea, coffee or starbucks. 
Don't be scared if you're not into marble or rose gold or copper. 
Don't be scared of being who you are.
Don't be scared to blog differently or to your own style. 
Don't be scared to stick up for what you believe in.
Don't be scared to write about the things you are interested in.
Don't be scared of being unique or different.
Don't be scared of not having the perfect theme for Instagram.
Don't be scared if you haven't figured out the whole blogging thing yet.
Don't be scared of sticking up for something no one else will. 

There you have 20 things you shouldn't be scared of doing in order to represent the real you. 

What did you think of this post? 
Can you add anything else? or do you have a different opinion?

Thank you for reading.
Until next time, take care and keep smiling.
Ramshaa Rose


  1. I loved this post!! I am sometimes afraid to post things on my blog or even write what I'm really feeling in comments but this was a great reminder not to be afraid and get out there!

    Lee -

  2. Thank you Lee! It will take time, but it's your little space. It's a chance to be who you are and present it to the world. Don't be afraid because there will be people who want to hear from you and hear about you.


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