Thursday, 14 September 2017

Is loving yourself a problem?

In a world that is cruel, don't be afraid to love yourself. Don't think that loving yourself in a probelm, because it's not. Embrace who you are and be happy.
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Often, we see it as a problem when people don’t feel confident in themselves and we encourage everyone to accept themselves and be happy with who they are. But, if we love ourselves, is that a problem? Is loving yourself a problem?

I personally believe it is crucial to encourage others to accept themselves and be confident in who they are. This includes their appearance, weight, fashion style, preference, and any other insecurities about themselves. If someone truly accepts themselves, are happy with who they are and loves themselves then who am I to come in the way of that?

I will always encourage those who hesitate to accept themselves, to love who they are, likewise I will always encourage those who love themselves to keep doing their thing. I think there is a clear line between loving yourself and displaying your self-importance and being unpleasantly proud of yourself. I personally don't think it is ever right to think or feel above anyone else, as the world does not only revolve around you.

But, being grateful for who you are and being appreciative of your appearance, what you have and what you are able to afford is crucial. It's important to be happy with what you have and realise not everyone in the world have the things you have. People would do anything for your appearance, weight, style, and what you have. Remember to always show gratitude and a positive 

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Ramshaa Rose

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