Thursday, 28 September 2017

Stereotypes and wrong judgements.

It's easy to stereotype and judge someone. It's easy to think negatively and form wrong opinions.
Thanks to Shawnn Tan for the beautiful visual representation.
Does a person's job, vehicle make, the sort of house they live in, their education or the people they surround themselves with define them as a person? No of course not! But, as humans we have always stood and judged the book by the cover and haven't actually read the book in order to see what it's like.

Agree with it or not but I'm sure everyone who is reading this, at some point in their life has judged someone knowingly or unknowingly. If you go into a secondary school I assure you that young adults will judge others really easily without thinking anything of it and that's heart-breaking. If someone has an 'expensive' watch or bag, then automatically they are categorised as 'rich' but how do you know that the watch wasn't gifted?
We are very easily judge but we need to stop and look at ourselves.

If we concentrate on ourselves then we don't even need to look at anyone else. In the society, we live in now, we are always judging someone and it's really easy to point fingers. We are always stereotyping and it's wrong. Everything is not as it seems. For example: if we see someone wearing a hoodie then we will automatically think 'thug' but how do we know that the person isn't the complete opposite?

There are good and bad people in the world but you can't categorise people just because of their appearance.

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Ramshaa Rose

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