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How to comment on other blogs | Do's & Don'ts.

Do's and don'ts of commenting on other blogs. Find ways on how to comment correctly on blogs.
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The way you comment on blogs builds communication and connection with other bloggers so it’s important that you try to leave a heartfelt comment. I wanted to create a post which gives you different ways to comment on people’s post so they appreciate your comment and you build a connection with them.

When it comes to commenting on other people’s blogs there are a lot of comments which include self-promotion, a couple of words, and all-around junk comments. Let me tell you that I wouldn’t allow any of these comments and know people that would delete them. If your comment is shorter than your self-promotion or unrelated to the post(s) then I know you haven’t read it.

a) Did you like the post? 
This is a great way to start the sentence. Did you like the post? Do you agree with it? Do you have any different opinions? What stood out the most? These are all great ways to start a comment. 

b) What was the best thing about the post? 
What are some of the good things about the post or blog? What part of the blog drew you in? Let others feel good by getting your opinions across. 

c) Have they asked a question at the end? 
Many bloggers tend to ask a question at the end of a post to help you leave a comment. Use this to leave a comment. Answer the question and share your own opinions. Don’t feel scared to hold yourself back. Be nice and they will want to get to know you. 

d) Have you had an experience similar to that? 
Have you had any experiences similar to that? Did you try the same brand or product and got a different result? Do you agree or do you have a different opinion? It’s good to get your opinions across and share a different side to the story if possible. 

e) Can you relate to the post?
Lastly, can you relate to the post. Similar as the last point, share your experience, represent who you are, and how the post made you feel.

Some things you should avoid:
a) One or a couple of word comments.
Examples: ‘This is a great post’ or ‘you are amazing’. Always avoid a couple of words because it’ll make the blogger feel like you don’t care and you’re just doing it to get your name out there. 

b) The ‘follow’ comment.
I personally don’t like comments like these and I never accept them. You may leave a lovely comment but if you follow it with ‘let’s follow each other’ or ‘follow me and let me know then I’ll follow back’ or anything similar is just a no.
If you want to leave a lovely comment then do so, but don’t ruin it by saying ‘follow for follow’. Other bloggers don’t owe you anything and vice versa so they don’t have to follow you. If they like your content then they will.

c) If your comment is bigger than your self-promotion. 
Example: You leave a comment then all of your social media links are longer than that comment. 

d) Unrelated.
Unrelated comments are a NO. Yes, they really exist. If it’s a beauty post and someone leaves a comment about ‘fashion’ then it won’t get accepted. It’s not relevant to the post and shows your lack of interest. 

e) Junk comments.
This is mainly for a ‘few’ people who like to comment like a robot on blogs. You will find many of these here and there and are a massive no. These type of comments are hard to explain but easy to spot from the crowd.

You would rather have real comments from true people who enjoy your blog than people who don’t. you would also rather build friendships with bloggers you connect with than those you are not interested in.

What do you think of this post?
Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you for reading.
Until next time, take care and keep smiling.
Ramshaa Rose


  1. I LOVED this post!! Spam comments are not the way to get attention to your blog. Plus, it always makes my day whenever someone decides to leave a genuine comment. So I think this post is really helpful especially for new bloggers.

    Lee -

    1. Thank you beaut! I know, spam comments are by far the worst! I'm glad you found this post useful :)


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