Thursday, 12 October 2017

Change of opinion, experience and life.

Ramshaa Rose shares a blog post about being comfortable when your opinion changes due to experience and life.
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All of your experiences make up who you are and your opinions on things begin to form. Overtime, you experience different things and your opinions either get stronger or weak. You should start to form an opinion of things for yourself without any influence from others, including the media, or even strangers.

Having an opinion for yourself is something you should embrace. A lot of people are under the influence of others when it comes to forming an opinion. So, if you have the courage to form an opinion for yourself then you should definitely not let others influence you or belittle you for having that opinion. Being able to think for yourself is a massive thing, so don’t be ashamed of it.

Don’t be scared to express your opinion. Never be scared to be who you are and what experiences have made you, yourself. Every opinion is different due to knowledge, circumstances and experiences. It’s okay to have a different opinion, just don’t be scared of expressing them because that’s who you are and what you think at the time. Don’t let it define you.

If you don’t know something then don’t form an opinion about it and don’t be under the influence of others. If you haven’t experienced something then just be honest and say you ‘don’t really know’ or you haven’t really ‘gave it any thought’. If you don’t have the correct knowledge/experience then it’s better to keep quiet than to give a wrong view on things. Only give opinions on the things YOU have experience with or have went through, not basing them on someone else’s including, the media.

It’s okay to accept that your opinion on a topic has changed. Life is all about experience and change. Sometimes, we may go through an experience which changes our whole outlook on one topic. You should embrace your opinions and not be scared of that change in opinion. It’s totally fine if your opinion has changed, you should just embrace it. It’s a good thing that your opinion changes, it means that you are getting stronger and are better than the person who you were yesterday. This is an achievement so be proud. Your experiences will change and that’s normal.

Sometimes, it’s better to keep quiet than to say something at all as it could be misinterpreted and misguided. When you are correct and know something which is true, then speak up about it, otherwise remain silent. Silence has its own beauty, sometimes that silence doesn’t mean you don’t know anything, it just means that you’re more intelligent than to give an incorrect opinion. The way you speak represents you and a lot of people notice that. Don’t take other opinions to heart, because they are just opinions.

Let me know by commenting below if you have ever had a sudden change of opinion or experience.

Thank you for reading!
Until next time, take care and keep smiling.
Ramshaa Rose

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