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Pages you should have on your blog

Important pages you must have on your blog.
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I love visiting different websites but when I normally can't find any of the below things/pages, I won't be coming back any time soon. People sometimes overlook the importance of these pages and many don't know. I share some of the pages you should have on your blog. The best way to think about it, is what pages do you visit the most when your on a favourite blog or website.

Home Page: 
There's nothing worse than never being able to go back to the home page. I love 'home' pages because they navigate you back to the centre of your website and I normally love being there. It's just easier for your audience to find what they're looking for.

About Page:
I feel like this is the most important page on blogs and many websites. The first thing after reading something I like is that I go to the ‘about’ page and try to get to know the person behind the blog. When visiting an ‘about’ page I want to know who the blogger is, anything interesting about them, why they started to blog, what they blog about, what they can offer and anything else. I feel like an ‘about’ page should be special and out of the box. There are soo many ‘identical’ about pages so when I visit a good ‘about’ page it sticks. 

Disclaimer Page:
This is a legal one that hardly many people look at but it’s extremely important for your blog. I personally feel like every blogging needs a disclaimer, big or small. Some things I personally feel are crucial for a blog disclaimer include: 
A. For your opinions 
I think it’s crucial to outline that all information on your blog are opinions and you do not meant to hurt, offend or insult anyone. 
B. Copyright 
That all content on your blog is yours only, unless indicated otherwise. Also, any copyright breach may lead to a penalty. 
C. Reliability
It’s important for me that my readers know that they can trust me and I will always be reliable and never betray that trust. 
D. Image credit
It should be clear that any of my photo’s need permission to be used and any photo’s I use will be credited back to its original source and will be removed if required. 
E. Reviews and PR friendly
You need to make sure that the reviews you write will be honest and you don't misguide your audience under the influence of a free product or fee.
F. Cookies
It's important to inform viewers about what cookies are and how they are stored. All the information you may need about cookies are on a super helpful website, You can even direct your audience in that direction.
G. Third party sites
My blog’s disclaimer does not apply to any different website(s) and you should read the disclaimer on their website. 

Contact Page:
This is another very important part of a blog. After getting to know the blogger and reading different blog posts, I want to know how I can contact you, you’re different social media’s and anything else. I know a lot of people also have an enquiry form or a contact form instead of giving their e-mails. 

Somewhere where we can access all of your posted blog posts:
I personally like to see what you have posted so I can easily access the posts I am interested in. This one is a preference but I think it’s nice to see all of the different blog posts you have written. 

Categories that you write about:
This is similar to where your audience can access all of your blog posts but the only thing different is that if add each category to different and similar posts then it’s easy to find posts of that topic. For example, if you write beauty posts then you can put them all under the ‘beauty’ category. This will make it easier for your audience to find all the posts they are interested in. I would avoid different categories for posts, such as #Pink #Lipstick #Makeup #Lifehack #Colourful instead just name is ‘Beauty’.

What are the important pages to you?
Have you got anything else that I haven't?
Which pages do you click on the most when visiting websites?

Thank you for reading.
Until next time, take care and keep smiling.
Ramshaa Rose

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