Sunday, 29 October 2017

Errors new bloggers make

These are some errors new bloggers make with a way to fix them.
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Blogging is a really exciting opportunity for everyone. When you first start, it's the most exciting thing ever! Many people stick to it, and others don't. Everyone is different and their blogging experience is different. I have some errors new bloggers make with a fix in this post.

a) Jump right in without any thought.
I know how exciting the idea of blogging is, especially when you first start you have this buzz of energy but, you need to think things through without jumping into things. The biggest error you can make is jumping into things without any thought or preparation. Google/YouTube tutorials or look for information, they really help.

b) Name.
This links to the point before of jumping in without any thought. You need to decide your name very carefully to avoid choosing a name that you may change in the future. My website went from Rosemua to Rosehhmua to RamshaaRose and I’m finally happy with it. From my experience, I urge you to think hard and well for a few days before making any decisions. Something that will never go old is your name so make that your starting point. Your blog name doesn’t have to be fancy, it can even be your name. It’s crucial to find the best name for your blog before you start and avoid changing all the time which makes you look inconsistent. 

c) Legal information.
Make yourself aware with copyrighting and all the legal information. This is super important so you can protect yourself and so you don’t end up losing your hard work. Never copy anyone else’s work and be an original.  This is why a disclaimer page or crediting is crucial. Especially, when it comes to pictures you need to know all of the legal information before using it.

d) Schedule.
When starting out, bloggers don't have a schedule or any backup posts. Have a schedule of the days you post and keep ahead of blogging. So, pre-plan your week or two of blogging. You’ll be consistent and it’ll help you post, even if you suddenly get busy. Trust me, I learnt this the hard way. 
When you start blogging, have some posts scheduled for a couple of weeks in advance so you have a consistency. Also, have some backup posts for the days you cannot blog. This is the biggest advice anyone can give you.

e) Expectations.
Keep your expectations real. You will have to work extremely hard for huge results so when you start realising that success doesn’t come overnight, start working harder and don’t quit. There will be hard days but you can do it, if you really want a certain result. You should always keep in your head, the reason you started blogging. It's OK, sometimes, blogging will seem great and other days, not so much. Blogging is a roller coaster but keep it real.

f) Communication.
Respond to your emails, blog comments and connect with other bloggers and even your own audience. Have a dedicated time for all of this and never stop doing it. Never stop communicating with other bloggers and your audience.

g) Be unique and be you.
Write the way you speak and represent the true you! Be unique, don't copy someone else. Speak how you feel about something you are passionate about and stand up for what you believe in.

h) Quality over quantity.
Your blog should be a representation of you. You should care more about quality than quantity. If you have said something and cannot deliver it on time, just be honest. Don't rush to get that thing finished. Put in all of your effort and make it the best quality ever. Don't care about quantity. You could post every 2 weeks with something that is made of good quality. Your audience will respect you more than posting everyday just for quantity.

i) Grammar, punctuation, structure and your writing style. 
Your writing style shouldn't be like an academic piece of work, instead it should be how you speak or how you are natural. You need to be more of a friend to your audience than a robot. Your grammar and punctuation matters a lot and makes a huge difference.

j) Creating a bond.
You need to create a bond with others and create your brand. So, you should join in with Twitter chats, Facebook groups, and build a bond with other bloggers. You need to communicate with others and build your bonds with people who you connect with. Getting yourself out there is the best way to communicate and get known in the blogging community. 

There are some errors new bloggers make with a fix. What are some errors you may find?

Thank you for reading!
Until next time, take care and keep smiling.
Ramshaa Rose


  1. I did a similar post few months ago and I agree with all. I me too changed my name twice I started with ALL OR NOTHING and few months ago I decided to change it and it took me weeks to find my new blog name which is now MARIE'S CONNECTIONS it might not be to everybody taste but I like it. Grammar is my down fall..mostly because English is not my first language ( I am french but have been living in UK for 19 years) so I always leave a comment on each of my post apologising for my English mistakes.

    Great post !

    1. Hey Marie! Thank you for commenting, I appreciate it. The main thing is, it's YOUR blog, so if you love it then that's all that matters. People who love your content will like your name too. No way!? I wouldn't have realised unless you said. I've never noticed any of your mistakes! Your English is very good hun! Should be proud :) xx


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