Wednesday, 1 November 2017

15 ways to become more patient

Ramshaa Rose shares 15 ways you can become more patient.
Thanks to Marion Michele for the beautiful visual representation.
Something we can all improve on is becoming more patient. We all have room for improvement within ourselves and I think mastering patience is very important. Here are 15 ways to become more patient.

Exercising actually helps you to become patient, especially yoga. Exercise just makes you more tolerant and open-minded.

Take deep breaths:
Just remember to breathe and concentrate on your breathing. Even counting helps when you're annoyed or angry.

Try to distract your mind:
Try to do different things to distract your mind. It can help ease your feelings and pace yourself.

Get yourself out of the situation:
Go do something else and remove yourself from the situation to help you remain calm. 

Go for a walk:
A long walk will help you gather your thoughts and help you think properly so just go for a walk. 

Drink cold water:
For some reason, if you drink cold water it helps you stay calm and diffuse the situation. 

Learn to wait:
The best advice is to practice standing in a queue, waiting in a long line, keeping calm and learning how to wait. 

Learn to be more mindful:
Acknowledge your surroundings and yourself. This will help you become more calmer and patient in many situations. 

Learn to become more understanding:
Learn where other people are coming from, what they are trying to do and why. Acknowledge that they may be going through something very tough and are just taking it out at you. Just try to think positive.

Think before you speak:
Always, think before you speak! Don’t retaliate and keep calm and have a cool mind. 

Positive thoughts:
Remember positivity is the way to go and positive thoughts can overcome any negativity. 

Become open minded:
Stop thinking only about yourself! Learn to consider different views and opinions.

Live life:
Stop rushing through life! Just live each moment slowly and embrace the beauty of life. 

Learn to talk through things instead of arguing:
Learn to talk things through calmly and nicely.
Don’t raise your voice or become violent:
Don't raise your voice and remain calm. Remember love and positivity always wins. 

Do you have anything else to add to this?
How do you try to be more patient?

Thank you for reading.
Until next time, take care and keep smiling!
Ramshaa Rose 

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