Wednesday, 6 December 2017

7 ways to be more organised

See seven ways you can become more organised with these tips!
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I love being and staying organised. I feel more productive when my surroundings are organised and when I have my life organised. As, you can tell by today's post, I will be sharing 7 ways you can become more organised. 

Set a timetable.
Get more organised in your life by setting out what you need to do and when. A weekly timetable is perfect so you can organise everything you need to get done. As for blogging, get a yearly planner and use it. Planners are super helpful or make a bullet journal. 

Write everything you need to.
Make a list every day for things to do, make a list for the week and month. If you remember anything then write it down. Sometimes we come up with great ideas and forget to write them down, then they don’t come back when you need it. Use a diary or planner to track everything you need to do and what you need to complete. To-do lists are a perfect way to be more organised and track everything that needs to be completed. 

Organising equipment and storage.
I love organising storage for the whole house. From hanging keys to separating different pens to makeup brushes storage to hanging clothes and even a place to store your shoes. When you have correct storage in place, you just feel more organised and it helps to keep everything in its place, rather than keeping your house messy. Organising equipment is just the best and a life saver. 

Have a place for everything.
This one links to organising equipment and storage, but having a place for everything is CRUCIAL. Every single thing in your house belongs somewhere and you need to have a place for everything. Nothing should be out of order which makes your place look messy. Keep everything in their own little place and remember to put it back where they belong. 

Bin it or donate it.
Donate anything you haven’t (or rarely) used. It’s better to donate something you will never use and give it a proper place than holding onto it. Bin the things you do not need or haven’t used. I feel like clearing up just takes the burden off your shoulders. Decluttering helps to stay more organised and you feel more uplifted when everything is more organised and clean. Letting go of unnecessary things is important for a healthy environment and clean space. 

Don’t buy unnecessary things and only keep what you NEED.
Most of us love buying things on sale or things we don’t need or won’t use, but, the thing is we need to stop buying unwanted things. Sometimes, we give in to our desires and we need to realise that less is more. We all need to be happy with what we have and learn not to buy any more than we need. If we buy something then we should donate something (the same) to charity. If we buy something then we should de-clutter the same collection. Learn to have less stuff. 

Do it NOW.
Clear everything up at the end of the day. Hang things back or throw them in the washing basket, place things back in their place and don’t go to sleep leaving anything misplaced. Don’t delay anything and do it as soon as you think of it. Need to take the bins out? Then do it straight away. Don’t get distracted and do one thing at a time. 

What do you think of this post? How do you stay organised? 
I would love to hear your opinions!

Thank you for reading! 
Until next time, take care and keep smiling. 
Ramshaa Rose 

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