Monday, 1 January 2018

30 lessons learned in 2017

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Starting a new year is a great way to reflect on life and the year that has passed by. It's also a great chance to make new aims and memories for the year ahead. Coming into 2018, before starting the post, I just hope you all have a memorable year ahead, filled with happiness and have the strength to overcome anything life throws at you! Now, here are 30 lessons learnt in 2017. 

1. Learn from your mistakes and if you do it again then learn from it too. Every experience is there to learn from. Always remember to accept when you’re wrong. 
2. No one in the world has the power to tell you what to do so don’t hold yourself back. 
3. We always have a tendency to look down on ourselves and not acknowledge that we are more stronger and braver than we actually think. 
4. People will always try to put you down and say you ‘can’t’ so prove them wrong by doing everything you want! You have the ability to do anything. 
5. People will always try to control your life. Don’t let them win. 
6. If it doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t. 
7. Say or do something your gut tells you to, and don’t ever regret anything. 
8. Don’t limit yourself, don’t put barriers up, don’t be scared, and don’t live in your comfort zone. 
9. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or to fail, and never let it get to you. 
10. Don’t let success get the better of you. Always stay humble. People will always remember what you were like and you would rather have a good reputation.
11. Stop holding grudges and learn to forgive yourself and others. 
12. There will be a lot of rainy days but they wouldn’t be there if you couldn’t handle the storm. 
13. Enjoy the little things, do what you love and behave the way your inner self tells you too. 
14. Find your inner child and don’t be afraid to laugh and have fun. 
15. Money can’t buy the precious memories, the warmth of the loved ones around you or the endless bonds you have. Money doesn’t buy you happiness.
16. Wake up early in the morning and embrace the beauty of the world. 
17. Positive thoughts lead to positive things. 
18. Don’t ever neglect yourself and start being nice to yourself. 
19. Education, experiences and knowledge is never wasted. Just never use it in the wrong way. 
20. Making someone smile or being kind to them can change their world. 
21. Life is a journey, so enjoy every moment. 
22. Stop thinking about what other people think about you. Instead, worry about what you think about yourself. 
23. There will always be people who will misinterpret your words, actions and meanings. Just do what you know is right. 
24. Don’t be scared to dream, don’t be scared to chase that dream, and certainly don’t do scared to achieve it either. 
25. Sometimes, we need change so our life can transform. 
26. Don’t ever let your character down because of someone who doesn’t share the same mind-set as you. 
27. We argue over little things and forget the real issues within us. 
28. The world doesn’t stop for anyone or because of anyone. 
29. Always remember, for every unkind person there are 10 kind people. The world isn’t as cruel as we think. 
30. We all have to die one day but no one thinks about it. When you start living each day like it’s your last, you and your actions will change.

What did you learn in 2017? What do you hope to get from 2018?
Wish you all a prosperous New Year.
Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!
Until next time, take care and keep smiling.
Ramshaa Rose

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