Sunday, 14 January 2018

Blogging goals, measurable aims, and obsessing over statistics.

The ultimate guide for bloggers to think about blogging goals, obsessing over blog stats or statistics, measuring them to having none.
Thanks to Teresa Kluge for the beautiful visual representation. 
Blogging is a hard hobby, it takes up a lot of time and effort. This post is all about blogging goals, statistics, being able to measurable your goals and aims to having none.

Your blogging goals should be realistic and I feel like for the most part people get their blogging goals wrong. You should create weekly and monthly blogging ‘goals’ and aim for realistic things which you can measure. For example: "I will blog at least twice this week" or "I will try to tweet five times today". I feel like short and reasonable goals are much easier to handle than statistics. Such as, "I will try to gain 5000 new followers this year".
You need to be able to measure the goal. You can and should have a long-term aim in mind and measure achieving that by setting yourself little goals.
Write your monthly goals down and cross them out when you’ve met them. This way, you can keep a track of things. You could also have a long-term goal which you have broken down, in order to achieve it.

Now, statistics are great. Writing down monthly stats is a great way to view how much things have changed or where you need to improve. But, personally I feel like there is a line between stats and goals. Revolving everything around statistics is something I have seen a lot. People get obsessed with statistics, and as great as they can be, there is a line. I feel like obsessing over statistics makes many people lose the quality of their content. I have seen many people keep an eye on their statistics and still produce great quality but I feel like it shouldn’t be a thing people obsess about, no matter how fascinating it may be.

Having no blogging goals or aims may work for some people. You don’t need to make goals or aims to see how your blog is doing or what you need to do. But, having aims/goals just makes blogging more manageable. With goals and aims, you have something to track and you don’t get sick of blogging because you can see what your hard work is achieving.

I would love to know if you do (or don't) have any blogging goals?
What do you think about blogging goals in general?
I would love to hear your opinion so make sure you leave a comment below.

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