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11 different ways to revise

Find the best way to revise for your exam. If it's a car exam, school/college/university exam, or any other exam, here are 11 different ways that will help you to revise best for them.
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I like testing new posts and this is one of them. I feel like when it comes to revision many people try to find and concentrate around one particular type of method. However, if you try different methods and try to find the one that is best suited for you, it'll be more beneficial. Here are 11 different ways you can revise, whether it's for an exam or for a car theory test, these should help.

Flash cards.

Flash cards are great for revision and to help you remember key words, definitions, themes or concepts. You can find a lot of different flash cards online that may be tailored to you. You can also get someone to test you on them to see how much you have learned and how much more you have left.

Video’s or YouTube.

If you prefer learning from video’s or YouTube then whilst watching them make notes or at the end of the video test your memory and see how much you can remember.


Google is great help for many things including revision. Whatever subject you need revision for just search it and find what you’re looking for.


Reading and understanding the topic is crucial. Then, at the end, make sure you test your memory to see how much you have learnt. Never leave without testing how much you have learnt.


Write notes or bullet points. Test your memory and see how much you have improved or learned. 

Exam papers.

The best way for people to revise is to practice exam papers as much as they can. This helps you to get used to the exam and make sure you put yourself in an exam setting.

Keep having a break.

Ensure you have plenty of regular breaks throughout your revision. Make sure you revise in different settings as the more places you revise in, the better you can be prepared for and will be able to remember quickly for your exam.


Make sure you have a revision timetable so you can set out how much you have to revise and leave yourself plenty of room to revise in. Also, start revising as soon as possible! So you have time to understand everything you need to.

Mind maps.

Making mind maps to test your memory or of the things you need to revise is a great way to test yourself.

Study group and be practical.

Getting your friends together and revising together so you’re all able to test one another, and help each other is a great way to revise for a topic. Be practical, for example, if you have a practical car exam then learn in the car. If you have a theory car exam, get someone to drive you around so you can be aware of the road signs. Work practically for your subject if that's how you learn best. 

Listen to yourself.

Record yourself speaking about all of your exam information, then, replay it back to yourself. Keep listening and replaying back your own voice to yourself. This will help you quickly remember the things needed. 

What was/is your best way to revise? What tips can you share?
If you have done any tests (for school/college/university/car etc.), what advice would you give? 

Thank you for reading!
Until next time, take care and keep smiling.
Ramshaa Rose

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