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How to make your own blog header for free!

Learn how to make your own blog header for free!
(top): I was going for a cartoon vibe with my picture and included the things I want to blog about.
(bottom): I was experimenting and came up with this design. 
Both headers are something which I came up with and it took me time to produce.
The best part of blogging is creating a blog header! This is one way to tell others who you are, what your story is and what you represent. Sometimes, making the perfect blog header can take time ,but the result at the end are totally worth it.
In this post, I’ll be sharing how I make my own blog header, and how you can too, for free! You can let someone make you a blog header but I personally feel like no one knows your own style, better than you do! A blog header is a big deal and anyone can make one! It just takes time. 

1) Name and writing:
First thing, pick what you want in the writing. Usually, your blog name is what normally goes on your blog header. But, you may also want to include your slogan or what your blog is about. Such as ‘beauty, fashion and lifestyle’.

2) Draft!:
I cannot stress this enough so get a pencil (or even a pen) and paper and start sketching. You don’t need to be a professional artist to make a little draft. Anyone can draw and I believe you can do it.
So, draw a rectangle, write your name, and draw doodles. Experiment how you want your blog header to look. Remember, you want to represent who you are and your blog.
So, if you blog about makeup, think about having ‘lipsticks’ somewhere. If you blog about fashion, think about having an ‘outfit’ somewhere. Or, think about having something simple. Look at blogs you like and look at their blog headers. See what you like and you may want on yours.

3) Writing style:
See what writing style you like and which represents you! You can download free writing styles online. They also give you a certificate granting you permission to use it. Make sure you read all the terms and conditions before using it. ICanBuildABlog has a great post on how to use custom fonts on Blogger and WordPress.

To begin:
You need the width of your blog header. Starting with the size is the easiest way, so you don’t have problems with resizing later.

4) The first crucial thing is to find your blog header size. If you have blogger then the picture below shows where to find it. If you have WordPress or any other platform, you may have to use Google (sorry). WordPress users you can go on WikiHow to find your header information. Use this size as a guide. You can customise your header smaller than this size.
See how to adjust your blogger header size and how to make your own blog header
To find your blog header size on Blogger: Go to 'theme', then 'customise' then 'adjust widths' and it should be there.
5) PicMonkey:
Go to PicMonkey, design, custom size, (edit) and save! PicMonkey is a lifesaver. I cannot rave enough about it. Picmonkey is just the best!! 

6) Starting:
you can either continue on PicMonkey or go onto PowerPoint. If you go on PowerPoint, drag the resized plain picture. Make sure you have a boarder on the picture, so you don’t have to re-edit later. 
Learn how to make your own blog header for free!
You can see the red boarder around the plain header.

7) Add a title, doodles etc. and make a lot of different ‘drafts’ until you’re happy with one. 
A) You can go online and find free fonts, designs, pictures, and doodles etc. you could use.  
B) You can doodle it yourself.
C) You can even use what you have. For example, shapes, colours etc.
For PicMonkey go straight to point 10.

8) When you're done, highlight all the contents, right click and group it.

9) Right click and save under 'JPEG’. Then, head over to PicMonkey and open the picture.

10) Edit, if needed. Save under an appropriate name. Make sure the picture looks clear and you're done. 

11) Open your platform and insert your header.

That’s my tutorial and how I have always made my own blog header! If you do it otherwise, please let me know below. I know there’s no fancy software but this always works for me and I’m happy with it. And, if your happy with your design, then nothing else matters.

Please let me know if this helps and if you decide to use this tutorial, then leave a link below to your blog so I can see your blog header! I would love to see you all be creative. If you want more information then let me know below.

Thanks for reading!
Until next time, take care and keep smiling.
Ramshaa Rose

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