Wednesday, 28 February 2018

42 ways to enjoy life

Ramshaa Rose shares 42 different ways you can enjoy life. How to enjoy life in 42 different ways.
Thanks to Roman Kraft for this beautiful visual representation.
Ever get the feeling of wanting to do more in your life? Or not knowing how (or what) to do? Then this post is perfect for you! I share 42 different ways you can enjoy life.

1. Put yourself first
2. Meet new people
3. Learn about other people’s culture/religion etc.
4. Just do more
5. Learn to enjoy life and take some time off
6. Declutter, donate and learn to live with less
7. Stop delaying the things you need to do
8. Experience new things
9. Travel more
10. Stop procrastinating, laziness and negative vibes
11. Cherish your loved ones
12. Be a well-wisher for everyone
13. Think positive and well for everyone
14. Let go of the negativity and any bad thoughts
15. Embrace the little moments
16. Go outside of your comfort zone
17. Start to read more and never stop learning
18. Live like it’s your last day
19. Don’t live for others, start to live for yourself
20. Don’t live in fear! Fear of failing, fear of disappointment, fear of anything!
21. Make decisions that will change your life
22. Trust your gut instinct
23. Wake up early
24. Exercise
25. Look after your health, mind and body
26. Learn to reflect
27. Smile more
28. Treat yourself once in a while
29. Don’t be afraid of sharing your opinions or putting your views across
30. Learn to have positive energy and an uplifting mind-set
31. Talk less and listen more
32. Be kind to everyone
33. Have a dream and don’t be scared of aiming for it
34. Act like no one is watching you
35. Learn more things about yourself and discover new things
36. Travel on your own
37. Change your mentality for the better
38. Don’t be afraid of discovering new things
39. Do something you have been putting off for a while
40. Organise your environment and surroundings
41. Embrace who you are.
42. Don’t be afraid to have a laugh or even smile

How do you enjoy your life?

Thanks for reading!
Until next time, take care and keep smiling.
Ramshaa Rose

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  1. I love this list, reading it was very inspiring and put me in a better mood. x Learning about other cultures and religions is incredibly interesting and I think everyone should do it, it really opens your mind to other ways of life. I love number 12 on this list, that's something so simple and yet so powerful xx


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