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Social media and blogging tips

Learn tips, tricks and advice to improve your blog or website. This post includes social media and blogging tips for everyone.
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If you're a blogger then social media and blogging is something we all want to improve and get better at. As a blogger, I love learning new information in order to improve my blog and make it the best as I possibly can. As a result, I have made this post to help you be more aware of the basic social media and blogging tips.

Blogging advice: 

Be who you are.
Represent your true self. 
Blog consistently. 
Have a schedule.
Share your post(s) on all platforms.
Get involved with your audience and other bloggers.
Don’t be afraid. 
Ensure your social media handles are similar or all the same! It helps when you're consistent. 


Pin your blog pictures to your Pinterest! 
Get your readers to pin your blog pictures.
Make your pictures as best as you possibly can.
Use a ‘pin it’ button across your blog pictures.
Follow people who have similar interests as you.


Try to shoot all pictures in natural lighting. 
Don’t spend ages editing a picture. 
Write a meaningful (and long) caption for pictures.
Use hashtags which are relevant to the post.
Try to use as many hashtags as possible.
Connect with other bloggers and your audience.
Try uploading at different times (especially during/after/before working hours)


Fill in all the details on your Facebook page.
Always add a picture to your post! 
Join Facebook groups similar to your blog.
Interact within Facebook groups. 


Share your bloglovin link. 
Connect with others on Bloglovin'.
Share the love on Bloglovin’.
Talk to others and visit their blogs.


Join in on Twitter chats.
Don't be afraid to share your opinions and thoughts.
Just keep tweeting and get out there.
Don't listen to the negativity and discouragement.
Join in on #ff (follow Friday). On a Friday you recommend your followers to follow people (and bloggers) who you have been loving! 
Don't be scared of complimenting others!


Include a picture of yourself on your sidebar or "about" page. You can even include pictures on both!
Use key words in your blog post permalink (URL) - this helps your post to show up high as possible on search engines. 
Include your social media widgets in your sidebar - making it easily accessible to readers. 
If your serious, buy your own domain – looks more professional and a great way to build a strong SEO.
Keep your meta-descriptions and search descriptions around 155 characters. This is the best length for most search engines and allows them to pick it up better. 
Never copy and paste! EVER. If search engines see your blog isn’t built upon unique content then they will punish you. 
Go back to old posts and make them SEO friendly. 
Share some of your older posts now and then.
Don’t neglect your old posts, even if they are old! They are just as important.
Don’t be afraid to use a variety of media in posts. For example: audio, videos, pictures, time lapses etc. 
User experience is crucial and if they stay longer on your blog then they’ll be coming back for more. 
Don’t be afraid to ask your readers what posts they enjoy reading or what they may want to see from you next.
Ask your readers to leave a comment and share! Don’t be afraid.
Create a ‘recent posts’ or ‘popular posts’ section on your homepage sidebar. 
Ensure your blog is well-designed and has a fast loading theme.
Don’t be afraid to use phrases, bold, italics or underline. It’ll enhance the user experience.
Schedule posts.
Sometimes write about topics that are trending. is perfect for this! 
Try to include H1 and H2 headings in your post. 
Always try to scale your images down. This will help your blog to run faster as larger images take longer to load.
Name your pictures appropriately. For example:‘Maybelline_fit_me_foundation_’ instead of ‘DCSO1928381’ 
Write a picture "Alt". This will help search engines to translate what your picture is.
Create quality posts and don't focus on quantity. 
Have a navigation and search bar on your blog. 
Have different category sections.
Don’t be afraid to write for similar blogs or have guest posts on your blog. 
Use traditional fonts and sizes for your blog.
If you’re a fashion or beauty blogger, why not have a brand ‘directory’. I have seen this on soo many different blogs and find it super helpful and organised.  
Use dashes (-) instead of (_) underscores when writing your permalink (URL).
Use underscores (_) when naming images. 
Don’t be afraid to try and create different length and types of blog posts.
Don’t give up on blogging if you enjoy it. 
Don’t forget to let your personality shine through because it’s supposed to be personal! It’s your blog after all. 
Don’t be scared to appreciate or compliment other content you enjoy reading.  
Be consistent with your blog! 
Blog on certain days, or 'X' amount of times during the week. 
Interact with others and keep consistent with your style. 
Instead of writing ‘click here’ or ‘this’. Write the correct name. This improves your page rank and SEO. 
Don’t be afraid to reach out to brands and bloggers! 
You never know what can happen until your give it a go. 
Take pictures in bulk if you’re struggling with time.

Caseo, a digital marketing agency specialising in organic SEO published an article “You’re Doing it Wrong! How to Blog in 2018”. I highly recommend you explore the article because it contains beneficial content which is very helpful.

I hope this post was helpful and you got some tips out of the post.
Make sure you share this post with someone who may be in need of it.

Thank you for reading!
Until next time, take care and keep smiling.
Ramshaa Rose


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