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Starting a blog, including checklist

Startng a blog, includng free checklist. Learn everything you need to know about starting a blog.
Find the full PDF version on my DropBox, 'starting a blog checklist'.
Starting a blog can be hard and daunting so I have prepared a blog checklist to help you get started! I have made a list of the most crucial things you need in order to start a blog. I have been getting a lot of requests about how someone should start a blog so I decided it would be easier to create a blog post including a checklist.

1. Blog name:

Think about what you would like to call your blog. Once you have came up with a blog name, give it at least a week before making it official. I say a week because during that period you will know if it's something meaningful to you or does the name really represent you. So, don't rush and take your time with this one.

2. Blog description:

Writing a blog description is crucial because it will tell you everything about your blog. Things should include: why you want to start a blog, your target audience, what you hope to achieve, who are you, why should people read your blog and what makes you different? There are so many other things that you could include in your blog description. 

3. Blog audience:

Think about who your blog audience will be. Know and understand the content your audience may want from you. Tailor your posts around the things you enjoy writing about, then think, who may want to read that post? 

4. Some blog ideas:

Brainstorm some blog ideas and the things you would like to write about. Make a mind map if you want (check out my 100 ultimate ideas for blog posts)

5. Do some research before beginning:

The best thing you can do for your blog is to do some research about blogging, SEO tips, the community you want to be involved in and about your audience. There are so many different things you could (and should) research about before starting a blog.

6. Find a platform and host.

Read my post 'self-hosting vs web hosting and different platforms for blogging' for more information. I also recommend you to look deeper into this and find more information out for yourself, because this one is crucial.

7. Social media: 

Keep your personal social media accounts and blog separate. This will help you manage your blog properly. This is just a little suggestion. Also, keep all social media handles the same or similar. It will help others to remember what your social media account is. 

8. Have the same profile picture throughout your social media handles. 

This is a personal preference but, it helps people remember who you are. 

9. Draw and design the theme and layout for your blog.

10. Get or design a blog header.

11. Have an ‘about’ page which reflects your personality: 

An about page should be unique and be able to represent your personality. This post will be visited the most by everyone because we all want to see who's behind the blog. So, make your about page as interesting as possible. 

12. Make a ‘contact’ page: 

This page is needed because it will tell everyone the best way to contact you.

13. Make a ‘disclaimer’ page: 

Protect your blog and yourself by having a disclaimer page. You should do some research and find out the best things you should include in your disclaimer page.

14. Navigation bar: 

Make the about, contact, disclaimer and any other crucial pages accessible on the navigation bar.

15. Have a blog favicon.

16. Write a blog description and meta tag:

This helps search engines to know what your blog is about.  

17. Add some widgets (if needed):

Add some blog widgets. Such as: Social media icons, Pinterest hoover or even a Twitter live feed. The widgets you can add are endless. 

18. Buy a domain (if needed, and install it).

19. Set up Google Analytics:

Keep a track of who visits your blog at what time. There are soo many different things to do on Google Analytics. Plus, it's really fascinating. 

20. Write, edit, publish, post, and share.

21. Interact with others:

Go get out there and communicate with others who blog similar to you.  

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What would be on your checklist?

Thanks for reading!
Until next time, take care and keep smiling.
Ramshaa Rose

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