Sunday, 11 March 2018

20 things to-do for your blog | Monthly

20 things to-do monthly for your blog, as a blogger.
Thanks to Tim Arterbury for the beautiful visual representation.
If you blog as a hobby, life can sometimes can get in the way, or you can just get busy. So, today, I have prepared 20 things you should do monthly. It's like a monthly clean up of your blog to make sure you're not neglecting your blog and remain top of things. 

1. Reply to all comments.
2. Update your ‘about page’.
3. Update your ‘contact page’.
4. Check your broken links.
5. Set new blog goals.
6. Review previous blog goals.
7. Brainstorm new content.
8. Update social media.
9. Track any of your finances.
10. Back up your blog content. 
11. Connect with other bloggers.
12. Comment on other blogs.
13. Write down your monthly statistics.
14. Reply to emails.
15. Clear your email box.
16. Check and clear your social media private messages.
17. Schedule some posts for the following month.
18. Schedule some of your social media.
19. At least share one of your links to an old post.
20. Compliment your favourite bloggers of the month (just send them a tweet and let them know)! You never know how much they will appreciate your comment and what a huge difference it will make.

Do you have a monthly blog checklist? 
What do you find yourself doing the most, regarding your blog?

Thanks for reading!
Until next time, take care and keep smiling.
Ramshaa Rose

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  1. Great insight into the blogging world! I just started my blog, so these tips are handy to have :)

    Shannen xo


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