Wednesday, 25 April 2018

10 ways to stop procrastinating

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Sometimes, we all become lazy and start to look for distractions, and procrastinate. Hopefully, this post may help some of you to overcome that.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

The ultimate list of websites and apps for bloggers

Find all of the apps and websites you need as a blogger.
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Thanks to the internet, there are amazing developers out there who have developed websites and apps which have made life easier for us bloggers! Many apps allow us to edit our pictures quickly, or schedule our posts easier and overall make blogging more effective and easy.

There’s no doubt that apps such as, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are needed on your phone to allow quicker access to social media. But, there are many other apps which make blogging much easier.

If you work on a laptop, tablet or even you’re phone, hopefully this post will give you some websites that will make your blogging journey more easy and effective. If you use anything which I haven’t listed then please share it by leaving a comment below. You’re kindness could help many of us. This post is super long so get comfy, and something to make notes on.

I have split this post into the following sections: apps; photography and editing; scheduling; coding and analytics and storage; mailing; writing and organisation; and other. Without delaying any further, I present you the ultimate list of all the blogging websites and apps you need to know about as a blogger.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

10 ways to look after your guests

Have a guest coming to stay with you? Then read this post! I share 10 ways you can look after your guests.
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Today, I give 10 suggestions on how you can look after your guests the best way possible.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

What and how to improve Search Engine Optimization SEO

Learn what search enginge optimization SEO is and how to improve your own blogs or websites SEO.
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At the start of my blogging journey I had no idea what Search Engine Optimization was. But, over the years I have seen it be a huge factor whilst blogging. It's something worth noticing, being aware of and taking the appropriate actions when required.

In this post, I'll explain what Search Engine Optimization is and different ways you can improve your blog or website.