Wednesday, 11 April 2018

10 ways to look after your guests

Have a guest coming to stay with you? Then read this post! I share 10 ways you can look after your guests.
Thanks to Naomi H├ębert for the beautiful visual representation.  
Today, I give 10 suggestions on how you can look after your guests the best way possible.

Favourite food and drink.
Get their favourite food and drink to make them feel special and like you care. It’s always the tiny gestures that make the biggest things. 
Make a guide.
Let your creativity out and make a guide. Include any house rules you may have that your guests can get involved in. Such as, taking your shoes off or placing shoes in a certain area. Also, a great thing to include is to have labels or a map of where all of your houseware is such glasses or knifes and forks. This will help them to feel at ease and get around easily. 
Ask them.
Ask if they need any help or what they would like. Don’t ask them too much though, they may get annoyed. 
Wi-Fi Password.
No one likes to ask for the Wi-Fi password so be a hero and have it written down and leave it on their bed, or somewhere where they’re able to notice it. 
Make them feel at home.
If they want to help out with something then let them, and get them involved with things. Let them feel special but at the same time like they are at home. 
Food preferences and allergies.
A great way to look after someone is to know if they have any food preferences such as what they love to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Knowing if they are allergic to anything is always a great to prevent them from having an allergic attack. 
Leave a variety of snacks and drinks around their room and the kitchen. So even if they are hungry, they have a snack available. 
Power sockets.
Make them aware or leave labels of where the power sockets are. This will help them to use a charger or anything else easily without feeling scared to ask you. Also, if your guests are from abroad, make sure you buy the correct adaptor for their appliances. 
Flowers uplift any room and they are catching to the eye and perfect for any guest. 
Water and toilet roll.
Make sure you stock up on both. 

How do you look after your guests? Or can you add anything else to this post?

Thank you for reading!
Until next time, take care and keep smiling.
Ramshaa Rose

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