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The ultimate list of websites and apps for bloggers

Find all of the apps and websites you need as a blogger.
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Thanks to the internet, there are amazing developers out there who have developed websites and apps which have made life easier for us bloggers! Many apps allow us to edit our pictures quickly, or schedule our posts easier and overall make blogging more effective and easy.

There’s no doubt that apps such as, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are needed on your phone to allow quicker access to social media. But, there are many other apps which make blogging much easier.

If you work on a laptop, tablet or even you’re phone, hopefully this post will give you some websites that will make your blogging journey more easy and effective. If you use anything which I haven’t listed then please share it by leaving a comment below. You’re kindness could help many of us. This post is super long so get comfy, and something to make notes on.

I have split this post into the following sections: apps; photography and editing; scheduling; coding and analytics and storage; mailing; writing and organisation; and other. Without delaying any further, I present you the ultimate list of all the blogging websites and apps you need to know about as a blogger.


Giant square: 
Let’s you make Facebook, Instagram and Twitter headers. For all three social media accounts, there are so many different layouts you can use. For Instagram, you can make your own three to nine grids with one picture. You can also download images to use from a variety of social media accounts. There are so many different fonts and designs available for free. It’s such a great app that lets you create something amazing in less than five minutes.  
Learn digital: 
Is an app developed by Google to help nearly anyone with a business learn more about digital marketing. There is a lot of great information of the app that’s helpful if you need more knowledge or are a starter. There are different sections and you have to pass it, in order to move onto the next section.  
This app is tailored mainly for Instagram. You upload your pictures on the app, and put them where you want. This app lets you see how your Instagram would look beforehand. It has notifications for you and you can upload through Instagram from the app. It’s super handy for those (like me), who are unsure about Instagram. 
The ultimate list of websites and apps of apps; photography and editing; scheduling; coding and analytics and storage; mailing; writing and organisation; and other for bloggers
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Is an app which helps you edit an image quickly. Offering so many different filters, it’s worth having a look at. 
Create your designs, blog graphics, Facebook covers and more with Canva! They have so many different resources available for you. 
You can download free fonts to use in A LOT of different styles. The sky is the limit for the different fronts available.
Is an app to help you make text on photo’s or on a plain background. There are a lot of different writing styles available for you to use. 
The photoshop app is worth checking out, if you like to touch your pictures up a little before uploading them online. 
The holy grail website for editing for any blogger and vlogger. With so many different feautres available. It’s a website you need to know! 
The best app (in my unbias opinion) for making quick posters, quotes or anything similar online. There are a variety of features to get your head around and designs to experiment with. If you want to make a poster or anything similar then, this app is right down your street. 
One of the best picture editing apps on the market. With a lot of different features available, it’s one to definitely have a look at. It's super easy to use, get used to and to share your pictures. 


Is a great app to help you schedule your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. in advance. This is an app that is a must have! I use it mostly for Twitter, so I make a tweet, schedule it for a certain day and time and all I do is let Buffer work its magic.   
Lets you schedule posts for twitter and Instagram. It’s worth checking out and seeing how much you like it. It’s really helpful and helps you to schedule for different social media accounts.


Google analytics: 
Measures how your blog is doing, your blog stats and analytics. Google analytics is such a great website (and app) which has all the information you may ever need about your blog. From how many new visitors your blog has, to where they are from and the amount of information given is insane! If you use the information the right way, it can help your blog grow. For example; the time you see you have the most visitors, you can use that to see what the best time to post would be. 
Google drive: 
Is a safe place to store all of your files and you can back up all of your documents. It also allows you to access them quickly where ever you may be.
Is a great website to help you understand and learn more about coding and other things related. From having so many different tutorials to learn from and actually having to give examples and do it yourself as you learn, it’s a website worth having a look at. Especially, if you don’t understand coding and all other things related.

The ultimate list of websites and apps of apps; photography and editing; scheduling; coding and analytics and storage; mailing; writing and organisation; and other for bloggers
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Mail chimp: 
Is an automated service you can use to send e-mails to everyone who signs up to your blog or website. The prices are reasonable and it’s a great mailing service.


With a lot of different features. Evernote helps you make to-do lists and write on the go. If you ever have an idea at night, then just quickly jot it down on Evernote. I was hesitant to first use it but once I got used to it, I have never gone back. I love using Evernote to make to-do lists and jotting any ideas or blog posts. 
An app which helps you with grammar. The free version is just as good and it helps you with grammar. 
Office OneNote: 
One of my favourite apps on the market. I love writing, drawing and writing down my thoughts on OneNote and making to-do lists and all things related. 
I downloaded the app on my phone as I work on Microsoft word the MOST for my blog. I love using word and I find it the easiest, but when I downloaded the app on my phone… it was like I entered into a whole new world. Being able to write on the go or when I felt like the most motivated. I didn't have to go get my laptop (and charger), it's really accessible, quick and saves your time.

Is a website which allows you to shorten your URL. It also allows you to check how your links have performed by putting "+" the end of the link. 
Helps you to find influencers or shared content on any topic or website. It also allows you to access content strategy, competitive research and much more. 
Helps you to manage your Instagram and Twitter account. From seeing who unfollowed you to keeping your followers tidy. I personally have never used Crowdfire so if you have, then please let me know what you think of it, by leaving a comment below. 
It helps you to organise all of your social media in one place and share more efficiently. It also gives you information about trends in your niche and much more.
Google trends: 
Shows you the latest trends and you can find what’s trending within your genre.

Is a social network for bloggers. Triberr helps you find bloggers who blog similar to you. Triberr also gives opportunity to grow.

WOW. That post took a long time to write! But, I hope it was helpful and you found some new websites/apps to use. If you have (or know of) any apps/websites then please do share, by leaving a comment below.
Also, if you have used any apps or websites mentioned then please let me know what you think.

Disclaimer: at the time of writing this post, all the information was correct. Some apps and websites may have changed their services since then.

Please, share this post with others if you found it helpful.

Thank you for reading!
Until next time, take care and keep smiling.
Ramshaa Rose

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