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Get involved with Twitter chats | List of chats

Learn how to get involved with twitter chats, find out what twitter chats are and download a free template for twitter chats for bloggers.
Make sure to download the plain twitter chat template and write down the times of the chats that are best suitable for you.
Twitter chats are great for communicating with others and getting your opinion across. This post will be split into: what Twitter chats are, how to get involved in a Twitter chat, and a list of different chats available.

What are Twitter chats?

At a certain time, on a certain day, you basically join in on a chat (normally for an hour) and talk about a certain topic. Other people from around the world will be able to connect with you and chat with you on the same topic, in the Twitter chat. It’s a great way to meet new people. Normally, a certain person hosts the chat and asks questions. 

Get involved with Twitter chats:

Twitter chats are the perfect way to meet other bloggers who have the same interests as you. Twitter chats give you the chance to express your opinions, views and the perfect opportunity to meet new people. 

I would love to get involved with more Twitter chats however I normally forget about them or I am super busy. There is a chat out there for everyone/anyone so do your research and find a chat that best suits you. 

When I have been involved in the chats it’s always an amazing experience to meet new people, to get some tips and just to talk away. I have met soo many amazing people during Twitter chats. 

The best way to get involved with Twitter chats is by introducing yourself, your blog and interacting with others. Get out there and ask questions, answer others and have a good time! Embrace every minute because the time flies.

List of chats:

I have done my research and now I present you with a list of some of the chats available.
If any of the chats are not running could you please let me know, and if you have any chats you would like to add, then feel free to leave a comment below.


8 - 9pm: #beautybabble

8 - 9pm: #creativebizchat

8 - 9pm: #fbloggers 

Generic (nearly for everyone)
2am - 3am: #blogtrends
5 - 6pm: #beechat
6 - 7pm: #TheGirlGang
7 - 8pm: #bdib (Bloggers do it better)
7 - 8pm: #jbtalks (Just blog talks)
7 - 8pm: #tbhchat
9 - 10pm: #zchat

8 - 9pm: #healthyselves
9 - 10pm: #holhealthyhour 

Mental Health
8 - 9pm: #mhmonday 

8 - 9 pm: #pbloggers 

6 - 6:30pm: #GirlsTravel 


Book and craft bloggers
7 - 8pm: #bookbloggers 
7 - 8pm: #craftblogclub

7 - 8pm: #mybchat (All blog related)
9 - 10pm: #tweetursis (Promoting businesses
9 - 10pm: #tweetursis (promoting small businesses for women)

Fashion, beauty and lifestyle
2 - 3am: #blogtrends
8 - 9pm: #fblchat 

7 - 8pm: #AskAblogger
7 - 8pm: #EveryBlogger
8 - 9pm: #ukblogtalk
8 - 9pm: #FABbloggers
9 - 10pm: #bloghour
9 - 10pm: #GRLPOWR 


8 - 9pm: #bbloggers

Bridal and wedding
8 - 9pm: #WeddingHour

8 - 9pm: #stylechat 

2 - 3am: #blogtrends
7 - 8pm: #teacupclub
8 - 9pm: #CareerBlogChat
8 - 9pm: #NerdyBloggers
9 - 10pm: #blogtacular
9 - 10pm: #BBOE (blogging bit of everything
9 - 10pm: #LNBchat (for non-bloggers too)
9 - 10pm: #bloghour

7 - 8pm: #lbloggers

6:30 - 7:30pm: #AdvTravelchat


8 - 9pm: #fdbloggers (food bloggers)  

Cruelty-free bloggers
9 - 10pm: #cfbloggers 

8 - 9pm: #fbloggers

7 - 8pm: #tbhchat
7 - 8pm: #bloggerspace
8 – 9pm: #GRLPOWR
9 - 10pm: #beechat
9 - 10pm: #cfbloggers
9 - 10pm: #crazybloggers 

9 - 10pm: #blogphotochat 

8 - 9pm: #30PLUSBLOGS 


6 - 7pm: #beautychat

2am - 3am: #blisschat
7 - 8pm: #gbloggers
8 - 9pm: #bdib
9 - 10pm: #UKbloggers 

Mum bloggers
8 - 9pm: #mblogchat

Student bloggers:
8 - 9pm: #sbloggers

30+ only
9 - 10pm: #30sBloggers 


6 - 7pm: #socialbloggers
6 - 7pm: #altbloggers
7 - 8pm: #everyblogger

Teen Bloggers
8 - 9pm: #tbloggers 


8 - 9 pm: #bbloggers 

5 - 6pm: #pabchat
5 - 6pm #TeacupClub
6 - 7pm #BlogsUnite
8 - 9 pm: #ChattyBees
9 - 10pm #GRLPOWR 

Health and fitness
6 - 7 pm: #FitBunniesChat
8 - 9 pm: #hbloggers

7 - 8pm: #lbloggers
8 - 9pm: #BlogosphereChat 

Parent bloggers
9 - 10pm: #pbloggers

30’s + only
9 - 10pm: #30sbloggers

If you found this post useful please feel free to share! 
Have you ever experienced a Twitter chat? or would you like to be a part of one?

Thanks for reading!
Until next time, take care and keep smiling.
Ramshaa Rose

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