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How to get the most out of Twitter, including twitter tips.

How to personalise your Twitter profile and get the most out of it! Including twitter tips.

New to Twitter? Don't know how to start your profile up? Or just want to find out some Twitter tips? Then, this post is for you! Firstly, in the start of this post I have some thought-provoking content that will make you think. Hopefully, by the end, you will know how to start your Twitter profile and get the most out of your Twitter experience.

You should ask yourself the following things in order to make your Twitter profile the best it can be and in order to get the most out of Twitter.


Does your twitter name represent your blog? Your blog needs an identity so come up with a name that no one will forget and is easy to remember. It’s best to keep all of your social media handles the same or similar. It just makes it easier for others to find you. 

Profile Picture:

Does this resemble to your blog in any way shape or form? It could even be a picture of you if you like. As long as people know what you look like or what represents you. If you have a picture of yourself, people will follow you more because they’ll be able to connect with you better. 

Header Image:

This is a key when people are clicking on your profile. I have an image I like as my header image, but I have seen a lot of bloggers who have their blog page as their header. So, see what best suits you.


One of the most important things, is to come up with an eye-catching bio or to sell yourself in a few words. Make sure you leave a link to your blog so it’s easier for people to find you. You could also leave a link to your Facebook page, Instagram, Bloglovin’ etc. There are a lot of talented bio's out there, which make you think "wow, that's super catchy" or "I wish I thought of that".

Some Twitter tips that should help you:

Be yourself and represent you!

Don’t be afraid

Do not be scared or afraid of what others may think. You don’t need anyone’s approval. Just tweet the things you want, enjoy, relate to and like. Twitter should have a personal aspect to it so don’t be afraid.

Don’t get scared of sharing, retweeting or liking:

Share the love and retweet others! Don’t get scared to promote others, if you like (or love) their work and content! You’ll be surprised at how many people do the same for you. 

Don’t get shocked:

One thing I have done is never been shocked at the following scenario.  You follow someone, they follow you back, you both have a great bond, love communicating with one another, are like besties on Twitter, then they suddenly unfollow you. Don’t get shocked by this. They may have their reasons. Just keep doing your thing. In life, we all change, our taste changes and we grow apart sometimes. So, if someone (who you had a connection with) unfollows you, don't take it to heart. Just, don’t get shocked by it. 

Remember, followers aren’t everything:

Don’t get caught up on the numbers. They are nothing. Remember, those who love your content and tweets will follow you. Don’t take it to heart if someone doesn’t agree or follow you. 

Get involved and tweet about your life as well as your blog. If you are doing something you are enjoying then tweet about it and use the appropriate ‘#’.

Join some Twitter ‘#’ chats. This is one of the main ways to meet new bloggers and to get involved with the blogging community.

Don't be shy to c
ompliment people.

Don’t say anything if you have nothing nice to say.

Try to reply to people who have mentioned you via a tweet, reply, follow or favourite.

Post pictures along with your blog link, or post pictures about your latest blog post.

Don’t forget about what’s Trending around Twitter. This is a big chance to get out there and get known by a wide range of people.

Hashtags! You have them, so use them! They are super helpful and don't forget to browse the hashtag(s) that interest you.

Ask questions to get people involved. Find out what interests your target audience, and build a relationship up with them.

Make some Twitter Polls. They're just really fun to do, give it a try.

That's all for this post! I hope this post helped you out a little and gave you some tips, as well as, how to personalise your Twitter profile to your own needs. 

Thanks for reading!
Until next time, take care and keep smiling.
Ramshaa Rose

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