Wednesday, 6 June 2018

5 ways to stop expecting much from others

Thanks to Andy Tootell for the beautiful visual representation.
This post is one of the shortest post of the 'Wednesday Ways to Series' but I'm getting straight to the point. Here are five ways to stop expecting much from others.

Understand your standards are different from theirs. 
Everyone is different and we all have different views so think differently and stop expecting anything from others because they don’t owe you anything. Everyone has a different standard and way of living so understand/accept it.
 Know we aren’t perfect. 
No one is perfect and we need to acknowledge that we all make mistakes and we can’t read minds. Be straight about your feelings and what you want from the other person.
Accept no one owes you anything.
When you do something for someone then know that no one owes you anything in return. Know that it’s done out of the goodness of your heart. 
Never expect anything.
Stop expecting things from anyone because expectations can lead to disappointments which knock your positive vibes. 
Do things for yourself.
Do things yourself and concentrate on yourself. 
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Ramshaa Rose

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