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How to schedule blog posts for the year ahead

Join Ramshaa Rose and learn the ultimate way on how to schedule your blog posts for the year ahead.
You can see on the left side how many posts I successfully 'scheduled' and how many were published. On the 9th of September 2017, I managed to successfully schedule 98% of my posts for the year ahead. I will still write when I have time but this process has helped me so much!

After blogging for a couple of years, I have come to realise the importance of scheduling blog posts and social media. I was able to schedule blog posts for a whole year ahead in approximately two months! Now, I still do write blog posts when I get the time. I also, publish some posts as soon as I write them.

But, scheduling allows me to be consistent with my blog. I have two different fixed series currently running on my blog. I was able to write them ahead of time because I planned out the content. I have two series that I just upload whenever I feel like it. I’m able to publish at least ‘one’ post per week! So, even if I can't blog, I peacefully know that I have scheduled something up for that time. It isn’t easy to schedule blog posts and it takes time but it’s the best thing I have done for my blog and my audience!

A tip before I begin: You need a large quantity of motivation, planning, energy and positivity. It was not easy writing ahead for two fixed series, a lot of things went wrong and got changed and I would NEVER publish anything that I am not happy with or proud of. This journey was insane and I'll probably do it again because it works for me.

So, why schedule ahead? Scheduling helps you keep your content clean and organised. Instead of writing a chunk of content on the spot and publishing it, it’s best to write your blog post in advance and schedule it for the future. There’s nothing worse than not being able to publish at a certain time but when you start to organise, you write content worth the read and on time. The best part about scheduling is keeping consistent with you content. Over time you will begin to form bonds with your readers and you set them an expectation. Your audience will expect to see a post from you on a certain day and if you start to neglect that, your audience will move on. It’s sad but true. So being able to stay consistent is crucial. Believe me when I say that scheduling is CRUCIAL, if you have a busy life or can't blog all the time.

How to? It’s easier than you think! This is how I done it so feel free to adapt it in a way which suits you.

1. Make a list of the content you want to produce: Write potential blog post ideas you want to write and you may enjoy writing. Make sure you group them in sections: for example, if it’s a beauty post, write it under the ‘beauty’ section. I knew I wanted to make two consistent series and they are called ‘Social media on Sunday’ and ‘Wednesday Ways to'.

2. Get a calendar for the year ahead or make one of your own. It's best to print it off and I recommend using the one with the big squares.  

3. Organising:
a. How many times a week do you want to publish?  
b. Do you want to publish different things?  
c. Group content together if you can! For example: if you want to write about ‘beauty’, could you group all that in one and have a certain day for just that?  
4. Calculate:
Don’t get scared. You don't have to be a maths genius or even like maths for this one.
a) After you’ve figured out how many times you want to publish a week, figure out how many posts that is for the year ahead.  
Personally, I wanted to do ‘Social Media on Sunday’ weekly, but, due to time and my content, I grouped many posts together and decided to post it every fortnight.  
Now, on average there are 52 weeks in a year.  
I want to write ONE post every fortnight which is 2 weeks.  
So, I need to calculate 52 (weeks in a year) ÷ by 2 (fortnight: when I want to post) which equals 26.  
This means I need to prepare 26 posts for the year ahead, for one series.
More examples: 
If you want to write one post a week (52x1= 52 posts)
If you want to write two posts a week (52x2= 104 posts)
If you want to write three posts a week (52x3= 156 posts)
If you want to write a post every day of the week (52x7= 364 posts)
If you want to write one post every fortnight (52÷2= 26 posts)
If you want to write two posts every fortnight (26+26= 52 posts)

5. Get working. I opened word, and used ‘numbering’ to plan 26 posts with different titles of blog posts. Under the titles, I began writing the content for that post. Each word document contained a set topic.
For example: Social media on Sunday, contained all 26 posts and its content.

6. I wrote every time I was passionate. Sometimes, I may write post number 7 then 14, then 2. It all depended on what I wanted to write at the time. Also, if I had a great idea for a certain post I would make bullet points under the post.

7. Once I wrote all the posts, I would go into my platform and transfer my work. Just a little tip I have mentioned before. When transferring from word, make sure you transfer it in ‘HTML’. This removes all the unnecessary coding. Visit my little tutorial of how to transfer your content from Word Document.

8. I would edit the blog post accordingly, adding an introduction, conclusion, asking a question at the end, adding a picture, captioning the picture and making it searchable, crediting if needed, changing the permalink (URL), adding a search description, adding keywords, and proof reading PLENTY of times.

9. When happy with everything, schedule it for the time and date you want.

10. Then, repeat from step 4 (and onwards) for your next series.


This is how I was able to manage my blog ahead of time. This is exactly how I schedule and it works for me. What works for me, may not work for you but I hope you find a way that is easier for you. Drop a comment if you have any questions for me!

If this posts helped you then please share it.

Until next time, take care and keep smiling.
Ramshaa Rose

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