Sunday, 3 June 2018

How to sign off an email as a blogger

Find out how to sign off an email as a blogger. Make your email look professional with these tips.
An example of how to sign off an email as a blogger. 
I was very new to this when I first started. I had no idea how to send an email when I first started, however, when I got an email from a fellow blogger, I was amazed. I loved the outline and layout of their email. Then, a few weeks later, the same thing happened. It’s quite amazing how including some crucial information about you at the end of your email makes such a large impression.
Even if you blog as a hobby (like myself), there isn’t any harm in representing yourself to the best of your ability. Making you sound professional as well as making your blog stand out. 

Not knowing what to write or what information to leave is the worst. However, I have some things that you could include when ending an email. Feel free to change things around a little to suit your needs, these just work for me. 

1) Find a correct way to sign off: If you just type into google something along the lines of "how to sing off an email", the searches should bring up many ways you can sign off. Find the most appropriate one for the email you're sending. So, do you want to come across as 'professional', 'friendly' or ' even 'professional but friendly at the same time'. Just find the one that suits you and see how it goes.

) Write your full name. It's as simple as that.

3) What is your blog about? It's always a good idea to write a few words that sum up your blog. For example, "a beauty and lifestyle blog" or "beauty and fashion" or "lifestyle".

4) Your URL or blog name.

5) Social media links. Such as, your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram links.
There are many ways to do this:
a) Use a clickable link for all of your social media links. Learn how to make a clickable link for your social media.
b) You could just leave your user handles. For example, "Twitter: @RamshaaRose" 
c) You could just put your link down. For example, " Twitter: ". I don't recommend doing this for every single social media links because some can be pretty messy.

6) List your awards (if applicable). 

Have you ever seen any websites that can help to improve writing a blog email? If so, please, feel free to leave a link below.

Thanks for reading!
Until next time, take care and keep smiling.
Ramshaa Rose

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