Thursday, 19 July 2018

Parents... You done the best you could.

An open letter to all the parents out there.
Thanks to Georgia De Lotz for the beautiful visual representation.

I was brought up to always respect my elders, even if I didn't agree with their opinion. Recently, I have seen many children neglect their parents in many ways and I just wanted to write a little post of how I feel about all the parents out there. 

Our mothers, they care for us so much. 
Firstly, they go through a tough pregnancy. Even the easiest of pregnancies are the hardest. Every mother who has to go through the beautifully hard process is a hero in disguise. Many mothers loose their child in birth and it's unimaginable to think what they would be going through at that time. Many mothers give birth to their child who may have a disability, for them they would be proud but saddened at the suffering of their child. No matter, what type of upbringing you have for your child, or how much, or how less you discipline your child, our mothers will always try their hardest to give their child the best life possible.
The moment our mothers give birth, they don't care about the gender or weight of the baby, they're just happy to see a beautiful blessing in their arms. From the child's first step, to crawling, to the first fall, to the first accident, to feeding themselves, to walking, to going to school, to dressing themselves, to travelling on their own, to dealing with their own problems, to the first tooth then to the falling first tooth, to brushing, to doing chores, and... before we know it, we're an adult forgetting, that the things we do for ourselves are the things our parents did for us for the first couple of years. 

And, it doesn't matter how old we all get, our parents will always love us unconditionally and care for us more than they care for themselves. It doesn't matter what we do in life, our parents will always be worried about us. If we need anything they will be the first ones there. We would never be able to give back or pay our parents back for the things they have done for us. 

But, somehow our mothers will always feel disappointed and regret that they couldn't give their child a better life in one way or another. Our fathers, want to see us succeed more than anyone. Our fathers want to do right by us but never know how to. 

Our fathers may get shy talking about their feelings. Regardless, father's are protective over their child: with girls it's like they never want to see them cry and with boys it's like they never want to see them lose, but with both, they always want to protect them. Our fathers are role models. From behaving like they have a degree in anything and everything possible, they want to show us that we can do anything and everything. Our fathers are mechanics, cooks, comedians etc. But something they aren't, is a mother and that's what makes them special! 

All we do is hurt our parents. When they're in their old age they really need us and what do we do? Neglect them. 
We put them in a care home and forget about them. When we were young our parents didn't put us in a care home and let someone else look after us. They loved us, they cleaned after us, they showed us right and wrong... and if they could, they would do it again. 

I'm sorry to all of the disappointed parents out there. 
I'm sorry to all of the parents who never get a phone call from their child. 
I'm sorry to all of the parents whose children have forgotten about them. 
I'm sorry to all of the parents who may be disappointed. 
But, trust me when I say... you done the best you could do and that's all a parent can ever do. 
You tried your best, with the circumstances you were faced with and the commitments you had. You tried... and thank you for not giving up. 
Thank you for never turning your back. 
Thank you for your unconditional love. 
Thank you for everything you gave us from the roof over our heads, food on the table and a family which was perfect to us, a family who built unforgettable memories. 
Thank you for becoming parents. 

Send this post to a parent who needs to hear this!

Thanks for reading!
Until next time, take care and keep smiling. 
Ramshaa Rose

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