Thursday, 5 July 2018

What are your fears?

How to overcome fears
Thanks to Denis Harsch for the beautiful visual representation

Do you have a fear of heights? Or spiders? Or flies? Or are you afraid of change? Whatever you fear, you have two choices when you are faced with that fear. 
1. To let that fear get to you and allow it to dictate the way you live your life or
2. To face that fear. 

We grow more outside of our comfort zone because it’s challenging for us, agreed? Sometimes that change is hard for us because it’s pushing us to grow. In a similar way facing our fears challenges us to do more. The actual only fear we have is the fear itself. The fear is holding you back and it doesn’t have to. You don’t have to be afraid, you can take steps to face it. Now I’m not saying if you have a fear of flying, then you jump on the next flight out of your town, or if you’re afraid of heights, you get on the highest roller coaster. That’s not what I’m saying at all. What I’m saying is, you can take small steps to face that fear. The biggest step you can take is a change in mindset. Once you have changed your mindset, you can achieve anything. Next time you’re afraid of something, don’t let that fear lead your life. 

According to science we’re only born with two fears 
1. The fear of falling and 
2. The fear of loud noises. 
So why do we become afraid of things? It’s simple really… because of our environment and culture. Have you ever thought about how most people in certain cultures aren’t scared of heights or insects and in other cultures, they are? 

Next time you have a fear of something, try to take small steps (if you don’t want it to rule your life), and change your mindset, and believe in yourself, that you can! 

Let me by commenting below what are your fears? And would you like to overcome them? 

Thanks for reading! 
Until next time, take care and keep smiling. 
Ramshaa Rose 

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