Wednesday, 29 August 2018

3rd Blogiversary: Q&A

Three year blogging anniversary tag, including a question and answer post

This August marks the third anniversary for my blog. My first blog post was published on 20th August 2015, but I spent all of July and August researching about blogging and all other things related. I am very proud of my blog. My blog is a very special place for me because it allows me to write about things I am passionate about. I have soo many ideas that I still want to put in action, but they require a lot of time and commitment. I have finally been able to get a blogging schedule which works for me. I thought this year, I would do a q&a all about blogging. 

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Pleasing others, following the crowd and your in-group

Pleasing others, following the crowd and your in-group
Thanks to Oscar Keys for the beautiful visual representation.
The society we live in has become about keeping up with the latest trends (phones, clothes, books etc.), but we need to look at reality. Do you actually need the things others are getting? Will you ever use it for the purpose it was made for? Instead of following trends, follow your heart. Do you actually need it? Or are you just buying it because of the 'hype'.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

she could be better than you

Don't be judgemental and get rid of the toxic vibes
Thanks to Mark Adriane for the beautiful representation.

Let's get one thing straight I'm not talking about the girls that compare themselves to other people. I'm talking about the girls that might do all the good things BUT they think they are superior to others. They judge other girls easily and look down upon them. Now I bet most girls do this without having a bad intention, but I want you to realise that if you do this, then it's WRONG