Thursday, 16 August 2018

Pleasing others, following the crowd and your in-group

Pleasing others, following the crowd and your in-group
Thanks to Oscar Keys for the beautiful visual representation.
The society we live in has become about keeping up with the latest trends (phones, clothes, books etc.), but we need to look at reality. Do you actually need the things others are getting? Will you ever use it for the purpose it was made for? Instead of following trends, follow your heart. Do you actually need it? Or are you just buying it because of the 'hype'.
I know most people buy things because it has been 'hyped' up a lot and, when they get it they won't even use the item after a few days. So just think, do you really need to buy it. If you don’t need something then spare the money for charity, save up, or some other good cause. 

Groups are great, they define who you are and what you bring to that group. But, they aren’t all that important. You don’t need a group to be kind or positive towards someone else. If your friends have a ‘group’ and you see someone who is alone, go and speak to them. You never know, they could have been your future best-friend. Some groups can become very nasty towards others, mainly because they don’t want someone to ruin the group harmony. But, being mean or nasty is never the option and it’s never justified. This leads into my next point of pleasing others. In groups, (doesn’t have to be LARGE groups), people may get peer pressured into doing things. But, when it’s being peer-pressured into wrong things then you need to realise that the group isn’t good for you. 

Your heart and instinct will often tell you if something you’re doing is good or not. If you know inside that you need to do something… then don’t be late at doing so. To end, I'm going to say be happy with everything you have because, some people may not be as lucky as you are. 

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Ramshaa Rose

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