Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Things you should know and learn | list

A list of all of the things you should know and learn. A life hack post.

We all have a different experience of the world. We all go through different situations which make us who we are. But, in this post I want to share a list of some of the things I feel people should know and learn. 


If you’re kind, it doesn’t mean everyone else will be  
The world can be a very nasty place but you need to keep on moving forward
Don't expect anything from anyone
Don't let others take advantage of you
Everything happens for a reason 
Life is what you make it to be
Education is extremely important
'Good friends' are those who stick by your side through the rough times. 'Fake friends' disappear as soon as crisis strikes
Positive thoughts and vibes go a long way.
Don't let the negativity of others or the world, ruin your innocence
To always trust your gut feeling/instinct 


How to change a tire  
How to perform CPR  
How to perform basic first aid  
To manage your time correctly   
To start a conversation  
How to listen  
How to save money and manage your personal finances  
To Read a map [without GPS or Sat Nav]  
To sew
Some basic cooking skills 
To drive a car manually [not automatically
How to backup your data  
To meet new people   
When to negotiate
To give genuine compliments  
How to take criticism 
To control your temper  
To ask for help  
When to say sorry 
To embrace each culture 
To show gratitude [writing a letter or giving a bunch of flowers

Let me know in the comment section what are some of the things you think everyone should know or learn?

Thanks for reading! 
Until next time, take care and keep smiling. 
Ramshaa Rose 

Thanks to John-Mark Smith for the beautiful visual representation.

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